Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Lamont Closes In On Lieberman In Two New Polls

The Joememtum is shifting against Holy Joe Lieberman.

An American Research Group poll of Likely Voters has Lieberman leading Ned Lamont 44%-42% with Alan Schlesinger enjoying 3% support. The margin of error in the poll is 3.5% so Lamont has closed to within the MOE.

A Rasmussen Reports poll conducted Monday has Lieberman with 45%, Lamont 43% and Schlesinger 6%.

It's interesting to see that as Republicans like RNC chair Ken Mehlman, VP Cheney, and Preznit Bush make known their tacit support for Lieberman over their own pitiful Republican candidate that Lamont is closing the gap with Holy Joe.



Or maybe, as Connecticut's Democratic and independent voters see Bush shills cozying up to Holy Joe and hear Lieberman spout RNC talking points about the war like he's Dick Cheney blaming Lamont voters for impending terrorist attacks, they don't like Joe as much as they did before.

Either way, I doubt very much that all this Republican support for Lieberman is going to help him gather many more votes from here on out. With the GOP candidate enjoying only 3% support, Liberman's got all the Republican votes he's going to get. Now he needs Dems and independents. Parroting Cheney and blaming anti-war voters for strengthening Al Qaeda isn't going to help with that so much.

OK now I'm going to have to eat the words that I spewed on so many blogs. Schlesinger couldn't win if both Lieberman's and Lamont's hands were tied behind their backs.

Wonder if, when the Liebermeleon wins, he'll switch parties?
I saw the rumor going around that if Liebermeleon wins, he'll either vote w/ the GOP on important votes (like who's going to be Senate Majority Leader - a Republican or a Democrat) or replace Rumsfeld at Defense which allows Conn. Governor Jodi Rell (a Republican) to choose a replacement.

Either way, you know he has something wankish up his sleeve.
Why wouldn't he vote with the GOP? He's got no future with the democrats.

It's important now to stop this guy, and these numbers indicate Lamont is poised to do it.

Who needs yet another pol who doesn't respect democracy?
I'm with you on this, nyc. I don't see why he wouldn't vote with the GOP on most things. He has a rep for being liberal, but on many issues like Alito and the bankruptcy bill, he voted for cloture, helping to assure the GOPies would get their way. That's as good as voting FOR the GOP in my book.
I've been picking up comments that Joe is out of touch with an electorate which is tight enough to demand local representation.
Dallying with Bush and Co, and ‘living’ Washington just doesn’t sell with the folks back home.
Lamont really needs to push that line – all politics is local! It might be a crock, but it seems to be what constituents want to hear.
It's a good point, cartledge, I've read that people in Conn do feel like Lieberman cares more about his press appearances on FOX News than the business of helping people in Conn. It's always funny to see a politician get a wake-up call and start embracing "pothole fixing" once again.

BTW, I tried getting to your site this afternoon and got an error message from Blogger. Did you take it down to do some work on it or is there a problem with Blogger?
I upgraded to beta blogger. It's still a bit buggy.
Took me all day to track it down. Seems it's easier to add all sorts of elements now, but if the system doesn't like them ZAP!
I added an rss feed that didn't work with the system :(
Having lost my Linux system last night, and spent the day reinstalling I'm pretty much teched out.
Don't kow why I pioneer.
Computer probelms - ugh! I remember when I had trouble because of the idiotic Microsoft genuine windows advantage patch that kept crashing my system. What a nightmare that was. How do you like Linux, cartledge? I thought about switching to it, but I decided to go w/ an Apple when the time comes to put this computer to rest.
I am having fun with Linux. I've got it on an old 98 box. It makes up a bit for the lack of resources.
Now I'm loading onto an old Mac G3. Can't run OS X on it so its worth trying Linux.
Might have a bit more grunt than the old pc as well.
It's handy for the work I'm doing with CMS web sites. The Linux/Unix mix makes for cleaner code and template building.
For older boxes it's a great solution and I can't afford a new Mac yet :(
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