Saturday, September 30, 2006

Democratic on House Page Board Disputes NRCC Chairman Tom Reynolds

NRCC Chairman Tom Reynolds said in a statement today that the House Page Board investigated the Foley matter earlier this year. But the Democratic member of the House Page Board, Dale Kildee (D-Michigan), says Reynolds is lying:

Congressman Dale Kildee (D-MI), the Democratic Member of the House Page Board, released the following statement today:

"As the Democratic Member of the House Page Board, any statement by Mr. Reynolds or anyone else that the House Page Board ever investigated Mr. Foley is completely untrue.

"I was never informed of the allegations about Mr. Foley's inappropriate communications with a House Page and I was never involved in any inquiry into this matter.

"The first and only meeting of the House Page Board on this matter occurred on Friday, September 29 at approximately 6 p.m., after the allegations about Mr. Foley had become public."

The Republican rats are all trying to cover their asses post haste now that the Foley sex scandal has exploded into the news. The stories are changing by the minute and Speaker Hastert, House Majority leader Boehner, and NRCC Chairman Reynolds are up to their necks in their own lying bullshit.

It's time for an independent investigation. It's obvious these lying weasals can't be allowed to investigate themselves.

Can't you see a Republican-led investigation of the Foley matter eventually finding the fault was all Bill Clinton's?

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