Wednesday, September 27, 2006

GOP Fails At Passing It's "Values Agenda"

What will the evangelical right say about this?

WASHINGTON — Scrambling to pass anti-abortion legislation before they recess for fall congressional elections, House Republicans on Tuesday won passage of a bill that would make it a federal crime to evade one state's parental consent laws by taking a minor to another state for an abortion.

But in a mark of the majority party's struggles with its "values" agenda, Senate Republicans may run out of time to vote on the measure before lawmakers leave town at the end of the week.

That would leave Republicans with few trophies to show their socially conservative base as they try to motivate voters in the final six weeks of the fiercely contested 2006 campaign.

Some strategists fear that failure to win final passage of the bill could hamper efforts to spur turnout of a reliably Republican voting bloc — which might mean the difference in key races around the country.

"This could be a problem," said Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of the Susan B. Anthony List, an anti-abortion group that is working to mobilize female voters opposed to abortion in six states seen as central to the fight for control of Congress.

To be fair to the Republican majority, they've been very busy trying to legalize torture and Soviet-style interrogation tactics, so they haven't been able to focus so much on the "values agenda."

But hey, elect them again in the fall and I'm sure they'll get right around to the "values" stuff as soon as the finish extending Bush's tax cuts for really rich folks, killing the estate tax for even richer folks, and "reforming" Social Security, medicare and other entitlement programs that rich folks don't need so much.

In other words, values voters, they'll never get around to passing your "values agenda" because they take you for granted and don't really give a shit about much other than saving Steve Forbes some money on his tax bill as my friend nyc educator puts it.

But every two years, they sure make it look like they care about you "values voters," don't they?

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