Tuesday, September 26, 2006

How Does This Help The Bush Administration?

Well, the Bush administration quickly released a 4 page excerpt of the 30 page NIE report that was leaked to the NY Times last weekend that said the Iraq war was helping to increase terrorism.

I don't see how it helps them. The overall message remains the same: the Iraq war is fueling terrorism and radicalizing many in the Islamic world. But you can read it for yourself and decide.

I read it. It isn't completely clear because it depends on how you read it. On the one hand, success in Iraq is essential, on the other, US presence in Iraq is fueling a greater conflict.

But had we never invaded Iraq in the first place.....
pt, I think that point about had we never invaded Iraq in the first place is the key one.

All the lives, money, energy and goodwill wasted and for what?
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