Thursday, September 28, 2006

NRCC Chair Barely Leads His Own Race

National Republican Congressional Committee chairman Tom Reynolds (R-NY) guaranteed the Grand Old Ruling Party would maintain power in the House of Representatives after the November midterms just last week.

Today, Survey USA released a poll showing Reynold's own race against his Democratic challenger is in a "dead heat." Political Wire sums it up:

In New York's 26th congressional district, a new SurveyUSA poll shows Rep. Tom Reynolds (R-NY) in a "fierce fight" with challenger Jack Davis (D). Reynolds holds a statistically insignificant 45% to 43% lead with Christine Murphy (G) drawing 8% support.

In 2004, Reynolds defeated Davis 56% to 44%.

Key findings: "Reynolds gets 62% of Republican votes. Davis gets 64% of Democrat votes. 31% of Republicans, and 24% of Democrats, cross over to vote for the other party's candidate. Independents favor Davis by 12 points, but Green Party candidate Murphy gets 20% of the Independent vote."

You know, if I were Tom Reynolds, I'd want to make sure I was going to win my own race before I started making Namathesque guarantees about the midterms.

Cuz' it sure would be embarrassing if Reynolds lost his own seat on the night his guarantee was put to the test.

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