Thursday, October 26, 2006

96 American Military Personnel Dead This Month In Iraq

The Pentagon announced that 4 marines and one sailor were killed in Anbar province today, bringing the monthly total of U.S. military casualties in Iraq to 96 - the fourth highest month of the war. And it's only the 26th of October.

The good news is, the preznit told reporters at a press conference yesterday that we now have "benchmarks" for progress for the Iraqis to meet. The bad news is, if the Iraqis don't meet the benchmarks, nothing happens.

The preznit also made it clear yesterday that he was "flexible" about changing tactics in the war but made it clear that he would not support a sweeping strategic revision that is being contemplated by the Iraq Survey Group or urged by members of Congress in both parties.

In other words, we will "stay the course" in Iraq, although we will no longer use those words. And when Bush says he's flexible, he means he's flexible in how people will agree to do what it is he wants them to do.

Nothing like having a spoiled brat for a preznit.

Well, with any luck, the spoiled brat will have to get along with some new playmates come January - ones with subpoena power who will force him to have to get along and compromise, no matter what his mommy tells him.

REB, I grabbed a snippet. TY
I was going to do that corruption scoteboard, but I think that issue is way past. Still, it might make a good book one day :)
This is the kind of contradictory doubletalk you get from someone who has absolutely not a shred of integrity.
cartledge, I bet the corruption related to the war and war profiteering will start to come out once the opposition party gets the opportunity to investigate the KBR's and the Halliburtons.

abi, the scary thing is, the bodies keep mounting while these fuckers play politics with it. It really is criminal.
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