Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Abramoff, Foley Scandals Still Swirl

US News and World Report says the FBI is looking to nab another member of Congress and his aides in the Abramoff probe.

The Washington Post
reports that Speaker Hastert's chief of staff Scott Palmer testified for six hours before the House Ethics Committee looking into the Foley scandal. Speaker Hastert is expected to testify himself before the committee this week. The Post says yesterday's meeting suggests the panel may be nearing the end of its investigation into the matter and the committee could issue its findings before the election (though I'm highly dubious about that.)

The midterm elections are in two weeks and Republicans are desperately trying to get back on message and start calling their Dem opponents "cut-and-runners" and "terrorist appeasers" but it's so hard to do when members of the party keep getting embroiled in sex and finance scandals.

RBE et al.

"What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet."

The White House has derailed the whole strategy of Republican name calling by it's new approach to describing our "tactics" in Iraq.

"Stay the course" has been retired. This was the contrapuntal phrase to "cut and run" and "terrorist appeasors."

So on the one hand the GOP has to deal w/ Scandal Mania and on the other it will be unable to divert attention from scandal by accusing the Democrats of wanting to w/draw from Iraq or being soft on terror in consideration of the Whire House change in syntax and General Casey advising more troops may be needed.

See Karl Rove is only a magician when it comes to political strategy and his considerable talents cannot reverse the negative momentum of a foreign policy promulgated by people who chose not read history; a party w/ members whose greed and concupiscence is unrestrained; and an enemy whose satellite dishes are tuned to CNN.
Well said as usual, kid. Reality finally caught up to these guys and they can't use their manipulation of "words" (to quote from a brilliant Stephen Colbert piece from 2004) to change that reality to something more beneficial to their political chances.

And of course the pictures from Iraq tend to drown out the words now anyway. When the news media decides to cover Iraq, that is. It would be even worse if they ever decided to start showing dead American soldiers on the TV. But I guess that's taboo. Wouldn't want to dishonor the dead by showing young men and women coming home in coffins after dying in a war that nobody outside of Cheney, Bushie and Rummy believe in anymore.
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