Thursday, October 26, 2006


AP-Ipsos poll gives Dems a 19 point lead over Republicans in the generic Congressional ballot, a pick-up of 9 points in the last two weeks.

Diageo/Hotline poll gives Dems an 18 point lead in the generic Congressional ballot, up 5 points from last month.

A Reuters/Zogby poll, a FOX News poll, and a Pew poll all give Dems an 11 point generic ballot lead.

Larry Sabato (via Political Wire) predicts a 21-26 seat pick-up for Dems in the House and a 4-6 seat pick-up in the Senate. Sabato says the second to last week is the time for underdog candidates to make their move in the race or forever hold their peace.

If Sabato is right in his analysis, it is getting awfully late for Republicans.

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