Sunday, October 29, 2006

A Taste of Immortality

I must admit that the day we set the clocks back to standard time is one of my favorite days of the year for some of the very reasons Nora Ephron cites at Huffingtonpost:

We have today. The day we set the clocks back. And although I'm against the concept in principle, I have to say that today is the most delicious day of the year. It's the twenty-five hour day. All right, you have to go around the house and change all the clocks, and there are so many of them - even the one on the oven somehow has to be changed. But that leaves a good 57 minutes that's just a bonus, a gift, a delicious way to make things last just a little longer, 57 minutes when you can stay in bed, or catch up on your reading, or watch that thing you Tivo'd, or walk in the park, or see the show at the Met, or go down to 23rd Street for frozen custard. You can do anything at all, you can do nothing at all. And somehow, for today at least, it feels like immortality.


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