Tuesday, October 31, 2006

There Goes The News Cycle For Today

It's all John Kerry all the time tonight.

Regardless of whether Repubs are taking Kerry out of context or not or creating a "fake controversy" in which they can flaunt their "fake outrage," John Kerry really just needs to shut the fuck up and go away. He blew a golden opportunity in '04, time has passed him by and now he has as much chance of getting elected president as I do - which is none.

Senator Kerry labors under the delusion, however, that he can make a credible run at the White House and that's why he's out there campaigning for Dems and giving speeches and "mispeaking" and giving Repubs an opportunity to use the politics of distraction to turn the news cycle away from Iraq, the economy and other important issues of the day. He fell into their trap and has managed to lose an important news cycle for the Dems just when everything was going very, very well for them.

Still, in the long view, this "controversy" probably doesn't mean much other than we're in the last week of the campaign and the Repubs are unloading with everything they've got. And why not? They don't want to lose power and risk jail time when the subpoena power comes out.

So like Atrios said
, call me when the fake controversy is over.

UPDATE: I forget to mention that Josh Marshall has a great take on the "Republican outrage apparatus." Check it out and note all the things Josh lists that the preznit really ought to apologize for.

Wow. I am taken aback here with astonishment:

"John Kerry really just needs to shut the fuck up and go away."

I was expecting support for Kerry here, but you've surprised me again.

That's a pretty honest statement coming from a Liberal. I am buying you a virtual beer for saying that. Three cheers, although I disagree with the rest of your piece, you've got a conservative on your side just for making that righteous quote!
I agree with you completely, RBE.

He's finished. And I didn't vote for him in the primary because I feared he'd run precisely the campaign he did.
anon, if you like what I wrote here, you should see what I wrote in a comment at Born At The Crest of the Empire - something about hoping Kerry's overloaded ego makes him spontaneously combust and save us all the sound of his voice.

nyc educator, I did vote for him in the primary (though my heart was for Edwards) because I thought his military service would help him against the Chickenhawk in Chief - how wrong I was!
Vote with your heart!
I have from then on, pt. This time around, I'm voting for the Green candidate for Senate in NY because I think HRC is a piece of shit phony. I voted against her in the primary too. I know it doesn't matter and she'll win by a huge margin anyway, but at least I can say I didn't vote for her.
reality, a vote for any of the cracked-pot odd-ball party candidates is a vote for the Republican. However, I suppose by voting for Grandpa from the Green Party you can maintain your moral position vis-a-vis Republicans.
reality, what are you going to do in 2008?

You hate Hillary and Kerry. Who's left to get your vote? Gore?

Imagine a Democratic Convention with Hillary, Kerry and Gore going all out for the nomination.

Kerry's likely to finally lose control, go ballistic and tear off Hillary's bow-tied blouse while Gore pounds down a dozen pizzas and tells the country we're all about to die in the bad air.

What chaos. What mayhem. What fun.
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