Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Weldon Brings Out The "Star Power"

Via Hotline Blog, here's the Philadephia Inquirer on Representative Curt Weldon's attempts to get his flagging campaign going:

It could have been a classic campaign media event. Jim Bunning, the famed Phillies pitcher turned senator from Kentucky, had arrived to lend his star power to embattled U.S. Rep. Curt Weldon.

Except there were no television crews, no radio reporters, and few fans.

Bunning told his baseball stories to 200 Republicans on an isolated rural estate Sunday. "I've been to lots of these, but this is the first one I've attended that isn't on a paved road," he told the Republican rally in Chadds Ford.

The very private affair was a fitting symbol for a campaign under siege.

With two weeks to go before Election Day, Weldon is faced with the challenge of rallying his troops while avoiding media - and questions about the FBI probe of his daughter Karen and longtime political sponsor Charles P. Sexton Jr.

The probe has thrown his reelection to an 11th term into doubt. "I don't know what genie he pulls out of a hat" to win, said G. Terry Madonna, the Franklin and Marshall College pollster.

Since when is Jim Bunning "star power"? Seriously, I think Bunning is so decrepit and senile these days that about all he can do is control his bowels - but only as long as he concentrates.

If Weldon is bringing out Jim Bunning to get his campaign going again, he really is in trouble.

Reality, Jim Bunning may not be Brad Pitt to you, but at age 75, he's recognizable to voters as a politician and a former baseball player.

Voter turnout is low among younger voters and high among older voters. Bunning fits in rather well that way.

I have no idea who'll win the race in question, but like other races around the country, you shouldn't assume that Republicans will get trampled. AFter all Ted Kennedy survives his murder rap every time he's up for re-election.

Most black politicians survive the most extreme scandals and are re-elected unless they are in jail, in which case they have to wait until they finish serving their sentences before being re-elected.
When Bunning ran for re-election in 2004, he could barely say his own name during the TV debates. He did win re-election (with 51% of the vote), but he makes Byr looking fucking spry. If Bunning is the best Weldon can do for "star power," he really is fucked.
NS, I agree that we shouldn't assume the Republicans will get trampled. After George Bush survived his murder rap in 04, of many thousands of Iraqis who were killed without good cause, I have very little faith left in the America voter.
abi, you wrote:

"After George Bush survived his murder rap in 04, of many thousands of Iraqis who were killed without good cause..."

Yeah, and don't forget Truman and those Japanese civilians.

It's war. That's what happens -- every time.
ns, you missed the point. It was an unnecessary, unjustified war. That should never happen, and we should punish the bastards who made it happen so it doesn't happen again.
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