Thursday, October 19, 2006

Why Can't The Bush Twins Go?

Here's the story of a 52 year old man called up to inactive reserve who died in Iraq this week.

52 years old men. That's who we're sending to fight and die in this war that almost everbody other than the preznit, the vice preznit and Senator McCain acknowledge has been lost.

So why can't we send some of the cheeleading wingers like Jonah Goldberg over? Or the Bush Twins?

Seems to me they ought to put their asses on the line as long as 52 year old men on inactive reserve and out of the military since 1992 are being forced to put theirs on the line.

(H/T to Cunning Realist)

The US military is a VOLUNTEER organization, which pretty much ends all discussion about who's in it and why.

Meanwhile, the 52-year-old has 27 years of total service. And he's just young enough that it's doubtful he was drafted into service.

Who makes a better soldier? The man with years of military experience or either of two women with no military background?

I think every member of the US military would choose the 52-year-old over either of the Bush girls.

However, a side issue has arisen here.

It's politically incorrect to oppose sending women into combat these days. No more gender discrimination when it comes to joining combat units.

If that's the case, then why discriminate on the basis of age?

Why oppose the service of a person who passes an appropriate physical exam?

Was there a reason to believe the 52-year-old was incapable of performing his role in uniform? Not one we know of.
You miss the point entirely. The Army is scraping the bottom of the barrel when it has to pull a 52 year old man back into active duty who has been out of active service since 1992 and send him to Iraq to fight insurgents.

It shows just how clueless the administration was in its planning and just how desperate the Pentagon has become for live bodies to send to the war.

As for the Bush Twins, the point here is that so many of the war supporters themselves are either of fighting age or have children who are of fighting age, and yet few of them seem to be putting their asses (or their kids' asses) on the line.

I think McCain's kid is a marine and is serving in iraq. Duncan Hunter's kid also served in the war zone. Jim Webb (not a war supporter) also has a son in Iraq. But that's about it. The rest of them talk a good game but when it comes to putting their money where their mouths are, they're cowards and chickenhawks.

And that starts right at the top with the Chickenhawk in Chief and the Five Deferments Vice Preznit.
reality, you wrote:

"You miss the point entirely. The Army is scraping the bottom of the barrel when it has to pull a 52 year old man back into active duty who has been out of active service since 1992 and send him to Iraq to fight insurgents."

Really? The bottom of the barrel? Our military leadership might disagree. As I said, I'm sure the fellow soldiers of the 52-year-old would rather serve with him than either of the Bush girls.

Meanwhile, we have a VOLUNTEER military. Apparently you'd prefer to rotate the same troops back to Iraq for an additional tour.

Moreover, as usual, you offer no alternatives except the red herring of asking what the offspring of Republican politicians are up to.

Governor Pataki's son is now in the Marines after having graduated from Yale.

As for anyone else's kids, well, their parents cannot force them to sign the enlistment contract.

Furthermore, the logistical nightmare of having the Bush twins in uniform makes the thought of their service a ridiculous pipedream.

By the way, Abraham Lincoln's military service makes Bush look like a war hero. And I think Lincoln may have kept his son out of the Civil War, which took more lives than any other conflict involving the US. How do you feel about Lincoln?
Having to use 52 year old men in Iraq who have to be forced involuntarily out of inactive service in order to get them back into uniform is a pretty desperate measure.

So is having to lower the enlistment standards, raise the enlistment age to 42, use stop-loss orders to keep thousands of military men and women in uniform who want out (and indeed should be allowed out when they're service is done) and send tens of thousands of National Guard troops over to Iraq and Afghanistan for three and four overseas tours.
Somebody is comparing Bush to Lincoln? Hahahahahahahahaha!!
And LOL.

I’ve changed my pants.
Alright, why can’t the bush twins offer some kind of incentive for others to help veterans and their families? Lead by example? Jonah? Any of the chickenhawks? Or is YOYO the only policy?
You brightened my day with your reaction, americafirst. Thanks.
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