Tuesday, October 31, 2006

WSJ/NBC Poll: Dems With a 52%-37% Generic Ballot Lead For The Congress

The story is here.

Also a New Cook Political Report/RT Strategies poll gives Dems a 13 point generic ballot lead.

Six days to go and the polls still look good for Dems. Of course the mainstream media is convinced the "Kerry flap" is going to snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory for Dems. But let's all remember that people aren't pulling the lever this year for Senator Kerry. They're voting in 60-70 contested House races and 11 contested Senate races. Is anybody not going to vote for Claire McCaskill in Missouri because of something John Kerry said (or didn't say, for that matter, since Dick Armey and Matt Dowd, both "good Republicans," told Tweety Bird Matthews on Hardball tonight that the preznit is misconstruing Kerry's words for effect)?

I just don't see it. What I do see is a manufactured Republican controversy, just like I saw one last Friday when Lynne Cheney accused Wolf Blitzer of being unpatriotic and anti-Bush on CNN. It's a last ditch attempt by Rove and Mehlman to change the subject away from the real war to some phony one and rev up the base.

I guess we'll know in just a few days if it worked.

(H/T to Political Wire)

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