Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Let's Write Some Emails

Jay Mathews, the Washington Post education reporter, is looking for the best education blogs on the net. My favorite education blog is nyceducator.blogspot.com. How about sending some emails to Mr. Mathews and letting him know about our old friend nyc educator and his blog. Jay's email is: mathewsj@washpost.com. Or you can send an email to Walt Gardner: walt.gard@verizon.net.

Believe me, reading Jay's column on a regular basis, he could really use some educatin' over at nyc educator's blog.

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
nyc_educator is a thin-skinned hypocrite who can't tolerate the opinions of others when those opinions don't match his.

His hypocrisy eliminates him from any consideration as a high-minded educator.

I know how he operates. He blocked me from posting on his website, as did Edwize, another site run by one nitwit with control issues.
Thanks for the kind words, RBE. You're my first stop on the political blogs, so let me know when they have a contest.

You've got my vote.
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