Friday, November 24, 2006


MSNBC's top story as of 9:27 AM?

How to survive Black Friday shopping scuffles to come out with great holiday gift bargains.

MSNBC's second story as of 9:27 AM?

New bomb blasts kill 22 as Iraq violence spirals: Shiites threaten boycott a day after 215 killed in strikes on Shiite slum.

It's good to be an American, isn't it? You get to make believe that silly shit like Black Friday shopping scuffles mean something while the slaughter your country started in Iraq nearly four years ago continues to escalate, a 1,000 Iraqis a day are being displaced by the sectarian violence, and each month sees a sharp increase in civilian casualties (3,709 died in October according to a UN report released Wednesday.)

What a fucking bunch of silly, silly people we are.

UPDATE: CNN runs the same top story, only they call it "Black Friday: Ready, Set, Shop!"

I'm sensing a news theme.

They could have combined the stories into something like "How to avoid getting blown up by a car bomb during Black Friday shopping scuffles."
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