Thursday, November 23, 2006

Ruined Baghdad Photo Op?

Remember three years ago when Preznit Bush made a surprise night-time visit to Iraq and appeared in Baghdad to serve some Thanksgiving dinner to the troops and have some cheery photos sent back home in time for the '04 election?

Well, rumor has it that the administration sent VP Dick Cheney to Baghdad for a similar Thanksgiving photo op this year.

The only problem is, all hell has broken loose with over 150 people dying and hundreds more wounded in multiple suicide bomb and mortar attacks today in Sadr City, ruining what surely would have been heart-warming pics of DeadEye Dick smiling with some soldiers and marines.

So the VP's office is denying that Cheney is "now" in Iraq. But he was scheduled to be in Saudia Arabia today and we know just how much this administration loves surprise trips/photo ops to Iraq. I have to say, I have a hard time believing they would have missed the chance to send DeadEye Dick to the Green Zone for that heart-warming photo op with him being so close and all. But now that "Thanksgiving in Baghdad" has turned into a slaughterhouse, they seem to have canceled the photo op and tried to hide Cheney's whereabouts.

While I'm sad that Dick and Lynne Cheney didn't get a chance to commune with the troops for a Thanksgiving dinner that can't be beat, I am hopeful that they got to hear and see some of the carnage from the Sadr City slaughter that happened today. Cheney ought to see what his own arrogance and ineptitude has wreaked upon the people of Iraq up close.

But then again, given the Vice Preznit's renowned cowardice (bunker on 9/11, five deferments during Vietnam, hid for 15 hours after shooting acquaintance in the face on a Texas hunting trip), I guess I ought to figure that if Cheney did by chance fly into Baghdad for a photo op, he'd go nowhere near where the real action is and he'd run as far as his fat ass and weak heart would carry him at the first sounds of violence.

That's what chickenhawk motherfuckers do - they send other people's kids, husbands, wives, brothers, sisters, moms, and dads to fight and die in wars they have no idea how to run but flee at the first sign of danger to themselves.


I heard that Bush put in a call to 10 servicemen to wish them "Happy Thanksgiving". I'm sure they found that heartwarming.

But...nonetheless...Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours R-bE!
If he is in Iraq, I hope there are no unexpected loud bangs. Not with his heart.
Thanks for the wishing, kvatch. Same to you and yours.

korova, I wish I was as judicious as you. I'm kinda hoping he heard the loud bangs.
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