Sunday, November 26, 2006

Vote Rigging in Florida

Andrew Sullivan has a nice summary of the "obvious machine malfunction or malfeasance" that threw the Congressional election in Florida's 13th District to Republican Vern Buchanan by just a little over 300 votes) by under-counting 17,846 votes in heavily Democratic areas:

The Sentinel reviewed records of 17,846 touch-screen ballots that included no vote in the tightly contested 13th District congressional race to determine whom voters selected in other major races. The analysis of the so-called "undervotes" examined the races for U.S. Senate, governor, attorney general, chief financial officer and agriculture commissioner.

The results showed that the undervoted ballots skewed Democratic in all of those races, even in the three races in which the county as a whole went Republican. In the governor's race, for example, Republican Charlie Crist won handily in Sarasota, easily beating Democrat Jim Davis. But on the undervoted ballots, Davis finished ahead by almost 7 percentage points.

In the agriculture commissioner's race, Republican Charles Bronson beat Copeland by a double-digit margin among all voters. But on the undervoted ballots, Copeland won by about 3 percentage points.

Strange how 17,846 ballots in an area that skewers Democratic contained no vote for the Congressional race but did have votes for the ever popular agriculture commissioner's race.

Strange how Republicans don't want the electronic voting machines to have paper trails.

Wouldn't it be nice if we could look at the 17,846 paper trails from ALL those machines in FL 13 and see just how the people of that district voted in that Congressional race?

Yeah, it sure would.

Andrew Sullivan is correct: we need a federal investigation to see if Republicans stole this election or if simple machine malfunction was at fault.

And we also need to have a new election held in the district so that ALL voters who wish to cast ballots in the election, whether they are voting for the Democratic or the Republican candidate, get to have their votes counted correctly.

That seems to be a recurring problem in Florida, doesn't it? Or did you REALLY believe all those nice Jewish ladies in Palm Beach County voted for Pat Buchanan in 2000?

I think this cuts both ways, and it the GOP is smart, they'll drop vote-rigging. With dems controlling more state houses, they'll find the rigging sways the other way too.

Hopefully, the new Congress will make this a top priority, and if the Republicans vote against it, or GW vetoes it, they'll pay at the polls, the ones they haven't yet been able to rig.
I hope they take on those fucking robocalls the GOP sent out to millions of people too. That tactic has got to stop.

The Democratic Party in Brooklyn is so corrupt it operates as an organization that simply appoints "candidates" to office.

You really should get over your wild-eyed belief that only the GOP cheats at the polls.
Of course Dems have stolen elections historically. Lately, however, all the stealing is by Republicans in places like Florida and Ohio.
There is a difference between voter fraud and party machine politics. The fact that the Brooklyn Democrats hand pick their candidates isn't any different from the way the majority of candidates end up on a ticket. Just look at what's happening in the 2008 Presidential race...the media and the DLC are already trying to solidify their choice of Hillary Clinton...It's really a more insidious process than vote fraud because people are fooled into thinking that they do have a choice, when in fact they're being told who to vote for.

Perhaps it's true that Hillary is the presumptive Democratic candidate for president in the next election, but that's not much of an example.

John Kerry's nomination was a longer shot than me winning the NY Marathon. He was nobody till Howard Dean went berserk. That was an unfortunate event. Kerry killed his candidacy by boring voters nearly to death.

Dean would have entertained everyone, going into rages that weren't subdued by whatever medication he stopped taking. Of course he would have lost in a landslide for leaving voters with the impression he'd start shooting trespassers on the White House lawn with his own handgun.

Meanwhile, our current president was not anointed by any powerful forces in 2000. John McCain was a contender in the run for the nomination in 2000. The same holds for 2008. McCain looks good now. But he's no kid. Is he a sure bet for the Republican nomination? No.

Hillary is the only candidate with a lock on the nomination. From the perspective of Republicans, that's just fine. Why? Because she can't win the White House.

But none of that has anything to do with Brooklyn Democratic Party Machine Politics. In this borough, Democrats switch parties to run as Republicans because that's the only way for those waiting in the wings to ever get a shot at holding office.

Bloomberg proved the value of it. Even Giuliani is more liberal than conservative, which is why his campaign for the presidency will fail.

But true Republicans simply don't exist in Brooklyn. They've been driven from the borough like Jews from Saudi Arabia.
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