Friday, December 29, 2006

Holy Joe Lieberman Plans A Sacrifice...

...of someone else's son/daughter/mother/father/brother/sister/wife/husband. Lieberman has written an opinion piece in the Washington Post today to make public his support for the preznut's "New Way Forward" troop surge of 17,000-20,000 additional U.S. troops to Iraq.

Holy Joe says the Iraq war is winnable if only we have the "vision, will, and courage" to do "what is strategically and morally right for our nation over the long term" and stand "with the moderate Iraqis until the country is stable and they can take over their security."

Couple of things here:

You'll note that Lieberman wants to sacrifice someone else's kid/parent/sibling/spouse. I have yet to see him have the "vision, will, and courage" to offer his own kids and grandkids to do what he says "is strategically and morally right for our nation over the long term."

Second - "what was strategically and morally right for our nation over the long term" was to leave a contained Saddam in place to counteract Iran's power in the region while the United States fought the WoT against Al Qaeda and other jihadis. Why Bush decided to take out a secular Arab with no ties to Al Qaeda in his crusade against Islamic extremism is beyond me, but now Bush has turned a country that was not a haven for terrorists pre-war into a jihadi paradise.

Third - Lieberman analyzes the Iraq war this way -

On one side are extremists and terrorists led and sponsored by Iran, on the other moderates and democrats supported by the United States. Iraq is the most deadly battlefield on which that conflict is being fought

That could NOT be more wrong-headed and simplistic an analysis of the Iraq conflict as it now stands than if a four year old child gave it. Many of the "extremists and terrorists led and sponsored by Iran" are Shiites sitting in the Maliki government and technically allied with the United States. The Shiite militiamen carrying out the ethnic cleansing of Sunnis are almost certainly backed by Iran but they are not the only force for violence and mayhem in Iraq. The Sunni insurgents/Al Qaeda members/jihadis carrying out the big-item terrorist attacks in Iraq (i.e., the car bomb and suicide bomb attacks) are NOT allied with Shiite Iran and if anything are being armed and funded by Saudi Arabia and other Sunni powers. For such a Washington Wise Man as Lieberman to simplify the Iraq war into an "Iran vs. U.S. conflict" shows he's either one of the dumbest or one of the most dishonest people in Washington (and that's saying something on both counts.) Either way, we ought not to take military or political advice from such a man.

Fourth - Lieberman doesn't REALLY give a shit about what's in the interest of this country. Lieberman (and many of the other neocons who helped develop, carry out and/or cheerlead the Bush administration's Iraq war policy - e.g., Wolfowitz, Perle, Feith, Abrams, Frum, Bolton, Gaffney, Kristol) are more concerned with what is in the interest of Israel than what is in the interest of the United States. Let's say it openly: the ties between the right-wing neocons and right-wing Israeli think tanks/Likud Party apparatchiks/Israeli government officials have a major effect on what policies the administration has pursued in the Middle East, especially as relates to the Iraq war and the recent Israel/Hezbollah conflict. This is not necessarily all bad, since historically Israel has been America's staunchest ally in the Middle East, but it is also important to say that what is in Israel's national interest is NOT always in the national interest of the United States. I think there is little doubt that Lieberman and many of the other neocon supporters of this war cannot distinguish between the two national interests and thus have gotten the United States involved in what Chris Matthews called on Hardball last night "this neoconservative war fought by strange ideologues with their own strange objectives." Matthews didn't have the guts to REALLY say what he meant by that phrase, but there can be little doubt of his meaning and little doubt about the accuracy of the charge - the Iraq war was pushed on the American people by pro-right-wing Israeli ideologues who mistakenly believed (and still believe) that taking Saddam out would help the national interest of Israel (and thus the United States.) Given the consequences of the war and the disastrous way it has been fought (spreading Sunni/Shia conflict, emboldened Iran, broken American military that cannot tend to other international problems, a United States that has lost "face" in the Arab world), they were very, very wrong. And they continue to be wrong.

Nonetheless, Holy Joe and the rest of the necons want to double down on the war and so we will get an increase of 17,000-20,000 additional U.S. troops to Iraq.

Never mind that the time for additional troops is past, never mind that truly having the "vision, courage, and will" to try and bring about "victory" in Iraq would be for Lieberman, Bush, Cheney, McCain et al. to not only send their own kids and grandkids to the war (as McCain has done) but to also call for a draft and have ALL Americans bear responsibility for this unfortunate war of choice, never mind that calling for a draft would give the U.S. military the real numbers it needs to have a chance (albeit small) for success in Iraq, never mind that generals like Abizaid and Powell now think the surge plan is a bad idea.

Nope - never mind all that. Holy Joe and Cheney and Bush and McCain are NEVER wrong and if we only we have the "vision, will, and courage" to go along with their "Plan for Victory," victory will be achieved!

I've been out of the loop on the doings in Washington. Will Lieberman's influence be balanced by some of the more wary Republican Senators?
After the November thumping surely Bush can no longer corral the party as he did before.
Absolutely right.

By the way, the U.S. Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation is planning a large demonstration in June in Washington regarding the 40th anniversary of the Occupation...let's try to make it a big turnout.
reality, you wrote:

"Fourth - Lieberman doesn't REALLY give a shit about what's in the interest of this country. Lieberman et. al. are more concerned with what is in the interest of Israel than what is in the interest of the United States."

Reality, your anti-Semitism is now in full view. Your ignorance about Jews and obvious bias against them goes too deep for me to expect you'll gain the slightest understanding of Israel, Jews and the middle east over the rest of your life.
Shame on you, RBE -- you're either with the Israelis or you're with the anti-semites.

I don't know where Lierman's loyalty lies, but it sure isn't with the US soldiers stuck in Iraq.

You are perhaps more anti-Semitic than reality.

You've obviously fallen for the islamic line that there is such an entity as a palestinian, even though there's never been a nation known at Palestine.

That Biblical land never evolved into a sovereign nation. In any case, there are over a million so-called palestinians who are citizens of Israel, where they enjoy rights unmatched anywhere else in the middle east.

Meanwhile, I always find it remarkable when people -- especially Americans -- are unwilling to accept the legitimacy of Israel even though it was formed by the countries -- mainly Great Britain -- that actually controlled the middle east in the first half of the 20th century.

Those people, apparently including you, set special standards for Jews that they don't set for others who are participants in international land disputes.

Are you so naive that you think hamas, hezbollah and the lengthy list of muslim terrorist groups are kidding when they openly state that it is their goal to destroy the state of Israel and drive all the Jews from the region? Or do you support their goal?
cartledge, I'm still wondering if Holy Joe won't vote for a Republican Majority Leader next week when the Congress comes back. That should tell you how little I know about what Lieberman will do now that he's an "Independent Democrat."

abi, I knew when I wrote this post that I would be tarred w/ the anti-semitism smear.

Nontheless, the charge I made against Lieberman and the neocons stands. The neoconservative movement has strong ties to the Likud Party and other right-wing organizations in Israel. They clearly see Israel's interests and the U.S.'s interests as inextricable. That's fine - I just happen to disagree. While I think the U.S.'s interests OFTEN converge with Israel's interests, I don't think they ALWAYS converge. I certainly think in terms of the Iraq war (which was very much desired by some right-wing elements in Israel), they did not converge at all. And I certainly do not think the U.S.s interests are helped by the Bush administration working in concert w/ the craziest right-wingers in Israel to create Mideast policy. Does that make me an anti-Semite? I don't think so.

Funny thing is, Bush Senior felt the same way and no one called him an anti-Semite. I guess that was pre-9/11 thinking though. Now apparently we must agree at all times w/ both Likud and neocon policies or we risk being tarred as prejudiced.
If you get very tarred, there are some great caffeine drinks nowadays. I understand some of them pack more of a wallop than Starbucks.
Starbucks gives me heartburn. I like Green Mountain coffee. Have you ever tried Green mountain coffee? It's pretty good.
That's the one they sell in gas stations, I think. I'm a Dunkin Donuts guy, if you really wanna know.
I first came across it in a convenience store but now I buy from their website. They're a commie pinko company with leftie political leanings in Vermont (like Ben and Jerry's.) I like the flavored coffee actually. Pumpkin Spice, Blueberry, Cinnamon Cream Swirl, Southern Pecan, Rain Forest Nut, Caramel Cream, Gingerbread - good stuff. Plus they have Fair Trade coffees and use recycled materials for their cups.
First no slappz tells us they're no such thing as a Palestinian, then he informs us that there are a million Palestinians living in Israel...

It's like a play by Eugene Ionesco.
As an English major and an English teacher, I'm embarrassed to admit that I have neither read nor seen a play by Ionesco! I'm more of a Beckett man myself actually. My favorite line from my favorite play ("Endgame") is "Is it time for my pain killer yet?"

That line resonates w/ me these days w/ the way the world is!
elizabeth wrote:

"First no slappz tells us they're no such thing as a Palestinian, then he informs us that there are a million Palestinians living in Israel..."

Elizabeth, I see reading comprehension isn't one of your strong points.

I referred to the bulk of the muslims who live in Israel as "so-called palestinians" to minimize the confusion that people such as yourself throw into the arab/Israeli situation.

Nevertheless, it is true that there was never a nation of Palestine in any formal sense. You might find Palestine on a Biblical map or a map the identifies similarly non-sovereign regions, like the North Pole, but you won't find it anywhere else.

Meanwhile, Israel's only sovereign borders exist where it abuts Egypt, Lebanon and Jordan. There was never a formal demarcation line regarding the West Bank.

Geography aside, Israel prospers for many obvious reasons. Moreover, if the neighboring muslim nations adopted the same successful principles that benefit Israel, they would enjoy the same, or perhaps greater benefits, since many of those nations have more than enough oil wealth to finance rosy futures.

Instead, the muslim populations and their leaders spend a lot of time fantasizing about destroying Israel and killing Jews.

I think it's painfully obvious that the phrase: "islam, religion of peace" is one of the world's most unfortunate oxymorons.

Don't you ever wonder why most muslims in the middle east live in poverty, even though many live in oil-rich countries that have seen their royalties skyrocket over the last few years?

Have you ever read about or encountered muslim leaders who urge muslims to look inward, at themselves and their culture, to explain why they lag the West in every way?

No. But you will find an endless procession of muslim leaders who will cite the West and Jews and the existence of Israel as the reasons for their interminable backwardness and general economic failings.

The NY Times published a hilarious story the other day that mentioned how Iran was going to build a car-manufacturing plant in Syria. The reporter stated this lunacy with an apparent straight face.

We all know about the great cars produced in Iran. Selling like camels in the desert. Yeah, right. If they ever get one off the assembly line, it will look like the car that took Borat from his home at the start of the movie. Only instead of being horse-drawn, these clowns will power it with either a camel or a mule.
reality, you wrote:

"Funny thing is, Bush Senior felt the same way and no one called him an anti-Semite."

You also wrote:

"Lieberman doesn't REALLY give a shit about what's in the interest of this country. Lieberman are more concerned with what is in the interest of Israel than what is in the interest of the United States."

I suppose you're not capable of seeing any differences between positions taken by Bush 41 and your own comments.

Let's just look at the most obvious.

You called Lieberman a traitor. Bush 41 did nothing like that.

Meanwhile, you, like most of those imbued with the anti-Semitic bias, have established special high standards and rules for Israel that you don't apply to other countries with which we have diplomatic realtions.
"Don't you ever wonder why most muslims in the middle east live in poverty, even though many live in oil-rich countries that have seen their royalties skyrocket over the last few years?"

Do you think that might have something to do with the fact that the U.S. props up their corrupt dictatorships?
elizabeth asks:

"Do you think that might have something to do with the fact that the U.S. props up their corrupt dictatorships?"

Oh. What an insight!

Yeah, buying oil from the recognized governments of countries selling a resource of vital importance to the world is "propping up their corrupt dictatorships."

Meanwhile, if you actually believe your own nonsense then you should go out and berate the rest of the world. The US buys a relatively small fraction of OPEC's daily production. We might account for the largest single purchases, but the bulk of OPEC oil is spread out and sold to a lot of smaller countries.
You can bet other middle east nations would not respond to Israel as Israel has to Jordan:

Jordan King Complains of Israeli Odors

JERUSALEM (AP) - Jordanian King Abdullah II has complained of bovine odors coming from the Israeli side of the frontier along the countries' shared southern border, Israel's environment minister said Monday.

Speaking to Israel Radio, Gideon Ezra said the smells, from a livestock quarantine facility, were blown across the frontier toward the king's palace in the town of Aqaba, on the Red Sea next to the Israeli town of Eilat. Jordanian officials contacted Israel last week and requested the odors be neutralized, Ezra said.

Jordan and Israel, enemies for decades, signed a peace agreement in 1994 and now enjoy close ties.

In response to the Jordanian complaint, Israel has ordered the owners of the facility - where imported livestock is held in quarantine before being released to farmers - to clean up large amounts of animal waste that had built up at the site, Environment Ministry spokesman Sharon Achdut said.

Ezra said that upon receiving the complaint, Israeli officials immediately spread "deodorants" around the site to offset the smell affecting Abdullah's palace, and that a thorough clean-up would begin within days.

"I think that when we get a request from Jordan, just as when we make a request of Jordan, it's one country's duty to do as much as possible for the other," Ezra said.

An official from the Jordanian Royal Palace said the complaint was relayed to the Israeli Environment Ministry through Jordan's ambassador in Tel Aviv.

With respect to the problem of the "so-called palestinians", you should consider a few points.

About 500,000 people (who conveniently call themselves palestinians) were displaced by the formation of Israel. That's not to say they were all forced out. They weren't. But some were. Of course they weren't forced off land they owned. Or forced out of houses they owned.

Many became exiles. Not unlike Cuban exiles who came to the US when Castro seized their properties without compensation and others who came because they were political refugees.

All that happened in large numbers in the late 1950s and early 1960s. The Cubans came here and became US citizens. Their children were born here as US citizens.

The exile community is breathless over the pending death of Fidel and the possibility that Cuba may once again become an open country to which they can return.

Meanwhile, these people are Americans and proud of that fact. Unlike the "so-called palestinians", they are not at work attempting to destroy a democratic government and kill all the citizens who live in that democracy.

Cuban-Americans will eventually reclaim what was once theirs on the island. The Bacardi family will eventually recover its sugar plantations and re-establish its rum business in Cuba, for example.

They have supported US efforts to undermine the Castro dictatorship. But they never forgot they came to America where they have propered.

The "so-called palestinians", who have created an artificial identity for themselves, have wasted 60 years destroying themselves to achieve the goal of establishing another dictatorship in an area already clogged with dictators.

If the "so-called palestinians" had focused on building lives and a thrinving society instead of what they've done, they'd have developed into a prosperous economy by now. Instead, they've done the muslim thing of spreading misery as best they can.

Cuban-Americans may see a return to Cuba in the future, but they see themselves as Americans now and they have no desire to slaughter the inhabitants of the island to effect their return.

Meanwhile, I'll bet you that Cuba becomes a capitalist paradise before the "so-called palestinians" take a single step toward a real peace and rapproachment with Israel.
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