Thursday, December 21, 2006

More Bullshit or a Real Threat?

Via Mike at Crest, ABC News says the Brits are bracing for terrorist attacks this holiday season:

British intelligence and law enforcement officials have passed on a grim assessment to their U.S. counterparts, "It will be a miracle if there isn't a terror attack over the holidays in London," a senior American law enforcement official tells


"It is not a matter of if there will be an attack, but how bad the attack will be," an intelligence official told

Frankly, they've cried "wolf" so often with these terror alerts that I just roll my eyes when I hear about them now. Remember the plot from over the summer when terrorists were supposedly going to blow up five commercial airliners with explosive feminine hygiene products? Remember how CNN went batshit over the "terror plot" for days as the Brits arrested nearly 40 people who were supposed to be involved in the plot?

Well, the more we learn about that case, the more bullshit it sounds. The BBC reported this week that the alleged ringleader in the "Liquid Bomb plot" will not be tried on terrorism charges because of lack of evidence. Nearly all the other people arrested in the case have already been released. The Register reported that cooking up liquid bombs in-flight is not as easy as the Blairites and Bushies made it sound back in August . In fact, it seems it would take a minor miracle for terrorists to actually be able to cook the explosives up on board without having them detonate long before the flight took off or even before they got out of the cab.

And the Bush and Blair governments wonder why people roll their eyes when they declare an imminent terror attack is coming down the pike?

Stop playing politics with terrorism, fellas, and maybe we'll take what you say seriously. It's important because one of these days, you're not going to be crying wolf but nobody's going to take you seriously after all the other times .

I just hope it's not this holiday season.

I agree - we've heard "wolf" too many times. But on the other hand, this is a determined and brutal enemy. There's no question there'll be another major attack on the West, one on the order of magnitide of 9/11 or worse. My guess it will be before Bush leaves office.
They cry wolf here as well. No one really listens. Your point is well made. What is the terrror threat over there these days? Orange? Does anyone even pay attention anymore?
abi, I agree the enemy is brutal and determined, but the Bush and Blair govt's have made it ton worse by a) getting bogged down in Iraq b) inflaming even moderate Islam w/ their torture, rendition, and WoT policies c) politicizing the WoT so much that they have squandered the good will of people like you and me. Do you trust them when they say an attack is imminent? Or that they know how to avoid one? I certainly don't. Steve noted in a comment a while back that we hadn't been hit since 9/11 so Bush must be doing something right. But I maintain that they waited 7 years between the first WTC attack and the millenium plot and they may be waiting again so when they do pull something off it's REALLY big. And like Mike at Crest noted, that will be the one the authorities didn't see coming.

pt, no one I know listens anymore. They went to that well too many times and now people just shrug and go about their business. I suppose if another attack comes, that will change. It's a shame they couldn't have played it straight w/ the alert system.
"Frankly, they've cried "wolf" so often with these terror alerts that I just roll my eyes when I hear about them now."

Okay, so what's your proposal? Just sit back and treat threats with complete doubt? Do you remember the terrorist bombings on London buses? My wife was on vacation there at the time. No intention to offend, but you bet your ass I was worried.

"Stop playing politics with terrorism, fellas, and maybe we'll take what you say seriously."

I agree with that statement, but at the same time, how about the left stop politicizing global warming?
Sorry, another post on this, but the political dhimmitude approach to the Muslim problem in the UK is weak and I blame Tony Blair and Bush for being so fucking weak and apologetic and tolerant of radical Muslims.

First off, they need to oust all of those radical bastards out of England and ship them off to fucking Hajii land. Forgive my language but something has got to be done about this and soon. I'm seriously frustrated over this Londonistan issue. If they don't comply to British law, send them the fuck out of there.
Steve, if they used the terror alert system honestly, I would be more trusting. But when they raised the alert 14 times during the 2004 election season and then left it alone for the next year and a half until the midterm election season rolled around, I got a little suspicious about the necessity and accuracy of the terror alerts.

Your point about dealing w/ the radical clerics in Britain is taken. But how much of the current WoT policy pursued by Bush and Blair has helped popularize the crazy clerics and helped radicalize Islamic youth?

No worries about the foul language. I like foul language.
Honestly, something has got to be done about this mess, RBE. I am glad, however, that we can discuss these matters without arguing. This is why I maintain you on my blog checkoff list. You maybe should visit mine one day and check it out.

I agree. Maybe the alarms go off a lot and maybe it is politicized to a point, but we really should provide tougher immigration laws. When I came to America in 1970 with my mom and brother, my dad had to come here for six months to first provide a home for us and also a job for himself. Nowadays they simply stroll in here and protest, demanding that we offer them all handouts.

Immigration and our borders should have been the number one thing to fix, but Bush has his head so far up his ass, nothing much is being done to fix this problem.

Note I'm a conservative that is so far right I think I've wound up even more left than you!
I didn't realize you came from abroad, Steve. Where are you from?

BTW, I did stop by your blog and left a comment on your Floyd post. I'll be back too. And yes, I agree that it is good to be able to discuss issues w/ someone who holds opposing views w/out having to resort to insults or arguments. I REALLY try and do that w/ people who visit and comment on my blog, regardless of their party or ideology.

You know, I do think the far left and the far right actually have far more in common than many people believe. One of my favorite commentators is Pat Buchanan. I don't agree w/ him on everything, but I love reading his American Conservative magazine and watching him on TV. Buchanan's policy on trade and foreign affairs is quite similar to mine actually, and while I don't necessarily agree w/ his points about immigration, I do hear what he is saying and take it seriously. As I do w/ you.
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