Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Black Hole

From the Evans-Novak Political Report (via Taegan Goddard's Political Wire):

"President George W. Bush's attempt to revitalize his Iraq War policy has been a political failure. His 'surge' in troops won no converts, and all efforts now are based on attempting to prevent a negative resolution from being passed in the Senate."

"The gloom pervading the Republican Party cannot be exaggerated. The long-range GOP outlook for 2008 is grim. The consensus is that U.S. troops must be off the ground of Iraq by next year to prevent an electoral catastrophe in the next election."

"Iraq, one of Bush's top political advisers now notes, is a black hole for the Republican Party. A nationally prominent Republican pollster reported confidentially on Capitol Hill after the President's speech that if U.S. boots are still on the ground in Iraq and U.S. blood is still being spilled there at the end of the year, the GOP disaster in 2008 will eclipse 2006."

Robert Novak tends to say in public what other Repubs and conservatives say behind closed doors.

You can bet right now, Republicans are looking for a way out of the Iraqi Black Hole.

Unfortunately for them (and for U.S. troops, for that matter), as long as "The Decider" is preznut, there ain't no way out of the Iraqi Black Hole short of impeaching the preznut AND the vice preznut.

I am firmly convinced that George Bush has decided that as long as he is preznut, he will not be pulling troops out of Iraqi and having the pundits declare defeat on him. And you can be damned sure the same goes for Cheney.

They want the next president to have deal with the troop pull-out/fall-out.

So if Republicans really want out of the Iraqi Black Hole, they're going to have to do something to take care of both Bush and Cheney.

For some reason I get the image of a group of adolescent lions taking over the pride from the old lions and killing all the young.

Not a perfect analogy, but it works.

Boy George is the young lion, and the old conservatives (like Baker) are the old lions being driven off.
It would indeed be interesting if Republicans decided to gang up on the Decider.
I think the "old lions" are getting really, really nervous. It won't be long if nothing changes in Iraq before they all jump ship.
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