Monday, January 15, 2007

Losing The Troops

Bush long ago lost Democratic and Independent support for his war. He has since lost moderate Republican support (from the few moderate Republicans who still exist.) He has begun to lose conservative support (e.g., Sam Brownback, George Will, Rod Dreher) and now he's losing the support of the troops who are fighting his misguided war:

Jan. 15, 2007 - If there was one constituency President Bush could count on to back the war in Iraq through the past four years, it was members of the military. Now, their support is also ebbing. A poll conducted recently by Army Times, a commercial publication, showed only 35 percent of service members approve of the way Bush is handling the war, down from 63 percent in 2004. When asked if success in Iraq was likely, 50 percent said yes, compared to 83 percent two years ago.

In a sign of the erosion, more than 1,000 soldiers will urge their congressmen in a written appeal this week to "support the prompt withdrawal" of all American forces from Iraq. "Staying in Iraq will not work and is not worth the price," the statement says. Anti-war appeals are common these days but this one is different: all the signatories are active duty soldiers and some have served in Iraq.

Here's Liam Madden, the 22 year old Marine Corp. Sergeant behind the Congressional appeal:

It's a war we never should have launched in the first place. It's been incompetently executed and it's brought no benefit to anyone involved, including the American people and the Iraqis. It's just people dying for no benefit.

The last Bush constituency has begun to peal away from Bush - it's going to be a long two years for the preznut if he's lost the support of the military too.

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