Thursday, February 08, 2007

Does It Make Me A Bad Person...

...because I don't give a shit that a media-enabled drug addict/alcoholic/binge eater/third rate celebrity died in a hotel room in circumstances that suggest drug overdose?

Because I really don't give a shit.

Do you?

No...but you might need to turn up the gain on your 'tawdry' detector.

I've been mulling the coincidences of her dying, her son dying, the millionaire dying, his son dying. In fact the only ones left standing are the lawyer and the daughter that he allegedly sired on Smith.

Suspicious...possibly. Delicious...definitely.
I think Rita Cosby did it. Have you ever noticed the glee with which Ms. Cosby covers this celebrity "tragedy" stories?

Ironically, I have a feeling Rita Cosby's own end will involve a seedy Florida hotel room, pills, booze, and vomit.

You heard it here first!
Tried to post yesterday RBE, but the system was being a dick! Mainly I wanted to tel you you'd have to stand in line on this one, for the bad person award.
My only concern is which vacuous bimbo is going to replace her. Nature might abhor a vacuum but the media sure love 'em!
cartledge, you really gave me a good laugh w/ your comment! Thanks! And yes,there will be another vacuous bimbo to replace Anna in America's hearts - heck, there already was even before she died...there was Paris and Nicole and Britney and Tom Cruise...
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