Sunday, February 25, 2007

Iran Contra Part Deux - This Time They're Funding Terrorists

Sy Hersh writes in The New Yorker that the Bush administration is so alarmed about the growing power of Shiite Islam, particularly Iran, in the Middle East, that they've started helping Sunni extremist groups with ties to Al Qaeda to push back against Hezbollah and other Shiite power groups in the region.

Apparently the administration didn't realize taking out Saddam would leave open a power vacuum that would be filled by Shiites.

Idiots. Real fucking idiots.

So now according to Hersh, to fight back against the burgeoning power of Iran, the United States is secretly backing terrorists with ties to Al Qaeda - the same ones who hit us on 9/11 and are looking to hit us again - through our allies in Saudi Arabia. The secret operation is being run out of the VP's office using money originally appropriated for Iraq and/or money that is being laundered through Iraq. The Congress has not been informed about these operations.

Hersh says the CIA is being kept out of the loop on these operations too because "they cannot be trusted." Hersh also says the Agency is concerned because "they think it's amateur hour."

All I can say is, it sure the hell is amateur hour. On 9/11, Sunni extremists from Saudi Arabia and Egypt- members of Al Qaeda - attacked the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. The administration initially responded by hitting Al Qaeda in Afghanistan and elsewhere around the world in an effort to keep another 9/11 from happening again. But then, instead of completing the mission against the Sunni terrorist group, they took out Saddam (a secular Sunni with NO ties to Al Qaeda), bogged the U.S. down in a never-ending war in Iraq, and set off a power struggle in the Middle Mast between Sunni and Shiite powers that the Shiites are currently winning. The realbig winner in all of this is Shiite Iran. So now, to put a crimp in some of that power, the administration is secretly funding the same kind of Sunni terrorist groups that hit us on 9/11.

That sounds like amateur hour to me all right.

It also sounds impeachable if it can be proved. While most Americans oppose impeachment of the preznut or the vice preznut right now, if they learn that the VP is running a secret war out of his office that is being illegally funded and is helping Sunni extremist groups with ties to Al Qaeda, I bet that stance will change.

Not to nitpick but Saddam was a secular Sunni, not a Shiite.

But you are right, idiots all.
Thanks for catching that, xsociate. I know Saddam was a secular Sunni, but I was typing my post fast as my girlfriend was waiting for me to finish so we could go out to Borders and I didn't get a chance to proof the post.
How does Hersh substantiate these claims?

They are pretty monstrous.
This was pretty fascinating coming from a right-wing newspaper.
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