Monday, February 05, 2007

Is This The Headline Republicans Want In Tomorrow's Papers?

From the Associated Press:

Republicans Block Senate Debate on Iraq Resolution

The '06 midterm election was a clear message to politicians in both parties that the current Iraq war policy is untenable and must be changed.

65%-70% of America have decided the Bush/McCain troop surge plan is not the change they're looking for.

And yet, all Republicans except for Norm Coleman and Susan Collins joined the GOP filibuster to keep the Senate resolution on the Iraq troop surge from coming to a vote.

I wonder if GOP strategists and politicians truly understand how destructive the preznut's war policy is for the future of the Republican party?

The politics behind the Senate cloture vote on the Iraq troop surge resolution seem clear to me - Republicans of all stripes - except for Coleman and Collins - support the preznut's troop surge. And that includes Chuck Hagel, whose vote against cloture will almost certainly help the preznut send more American military men and women to die in Iraq (but not nearly enough American military men and women to actually change the security situation on the ground there.)

Nice job, GOPers - you bought the preznut's Iraq war policy all over again.

This is truly a GOP war.

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