Saturday, February 24, 2007

This Guy Should Be A Member Of The Bush Administration


LONDON - Embattled Israeli Defense Minister Amir Peretz faced fresh criticism Friday after newspapers published photos of him trying to watch military maneuvers with the lens cap still on his binoculars.

Peretz was inspecting Israeli troops in the Golan Heights, near the Syria border, along with the Israeli army's chief of staff, Lt. Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi, the British Broadcasting Corp. reported.

The photographer said Peretz gazed through the capped binoculars three times, nodding as Ashkenazi explained what he was looking at, the British Broadcasting Corp. said.

Peretz's popularity has plummeted in the wake of Israel's war last year in Lebanon.

And just in case you think Amir Peretz won't be allowed to do any real damage after last summer's disastrous campaign against Hezbollah in Lebanon, let's note that The Telegraph is reporting that Israel is negotiating with the United States to be able to fly over Iraqi airspace on their way to taking out Iran's nuclear facilities in a military air strike.

Gee, I hope Peretz takes the binocular caps off before looking at the air strike plans.

Prediction: An attack on Iran from Israel suddenly appears unlikely.

Why do I think that, you may ask?

Because the news leak was deliberate. C'mon. Wasn't that so glaringly obvious?

Nothing better than speculation and stirring up the shit for Mamoodles, who'll most likely retaliate in this ongoing nothing-but-a-media-battle.

And, since Israeli DF comes under Olmert, who is about as effective a leader as a warthog doing a juggling act, nothing will happen.

steve harkonnen wrote:

"Prediction: An attack on Iran from Israel suddenly appears unlikely."


"Why do I think that, you may ask?"


"Because the news leak was deliberate. C'mon. Wasn't that so glaringly obvious?"

The leak may well have been deliberate, but no one in the middle east has forgotten that Israel bombed Iraq's Osirik nuclear facility. Thus, the story can't be dismissed.

Moreover, it comes on the heels of the US stating it's not going to bomb Iran's nuclear facilities, an event that would require a huge effort on our part.

But, in fact, Iran cannot rule out a bombing from either the US or Israel, since both have a history of blasting muslim facilities to pieces.

Bombing threats from TWO countries that are willing to do the job may well bring the Iranians to the negotiating table and force them to disband their nuclear program.

This would mark a change in US strategy. This time WE would buy some time to prepare for an attack while the Iranians dither over whether we're really serious and/or capable of bombing a couple of hundred potential nuclear sites.

Frankly, since we will have no trouble identifying all the possible sites for nuclear weapons development in Iran, we don't need to rush through the job. We can simply bomb them at whatever pace suits our military and there's nothing Iran can do about it.

YOu can be sure after the first one is bombed, not one worker will show up the next day at any of those not hit.
Steve, I'd agree that the leak was probably deliberate and nothing more than a propaganda ploy to get Iran scared. I saw someplace else that these kind of leaks from the Israelis may be aimed at the Bush administration to try and get Cheney and Company to do the dirty work for them. But if the Bushies don't play along (and a report this week in the brit press - The Murdoch Times I think it was - said most in the administration, including Hadley, Rice, and Gates, are against an iran attack), then the Israelis may do it themselves. And then the guy with the binocular caps on his binoculars will be calling the shots.

Which is kinda scary.
RBE, no_slappz adds some interest to the story in that people haven't forgotten about Israel bombing the nuke plant in Iraq years ago. And, two threats from two different countries could possibly sway Iran into talks, so that's an interesting idea as well.

I'd still maintain the idea that the press leak was deliberate. This is when the media becomes fish - biting at anything, even if it is not believable.

I guess we can speculate on this one until something happens. Good points you made, no_slappz. For all things must be considered.
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