Saturday, March 17, 2007


That's Bush's approval rating in the latest NEWSWEEK poll:

At 30 percent, President Bush's approval ratings remain stuck where they have been since the GOP lost control of Congress in November. The president's approval rating for his handling of the Iraq war remains unchanged from the last NEWSWEEK poll at 27 percent, despite an uptick in the public’s positive feelings about the situation in Iraq–up 5 points to 29 percent since January. However, that slight recovery does not translate into greater support for the president’s decision to send more troops to Iraq. Just 32 percent support the president’s approach, while 59 percent support Democratic legislation to require the withdrawal of U.S. troops by the fall of next year.

The poll also finds the public believes the administration's firing of the U.S. attorneys was politically motivated:

Fifty-eight percent of those surveyed–including 45 percent of Republicans–say the ouster of the federal prosecutors was driven by political concerns. Those attitudes seem to reflect a broader view of the Bush administration’s approach. When asked if the administration has introduced politics into too many areas of government, 47 percent said they agree.

Asked whether A.G. Gonzales should be allowed to remain in office, only 32% said he should (35% say he should quit, 33% aren't sure whether he should go or stay.) Looks like Gonzales can still save his job next week if he comes clean on his role in the purge. The problem, of course, is that he may have lied before Congress when he last appeared, which means even if he comes clean, he would have to go. With at least five Republicans now calling for his ouster (Sununu, Smith, Hagel, Coleman, and Rohrbacher), chances are he's going anyway.

BTW, notice that 59% favor the Dems' legislation to have troops withdraw from Iraq by fall of next year - 59%.

Listening to the chowderheads on CNN and the networks, you'd think the anti-war movement is still only popular among the commie/pinko/radical/homosexual/San Francisco/neo-hippie movement.

But 59% of the country can't be commie/pinko/radical/homosexual/San Francisco/neo-hippies, can they?

Who the hell are these 30%? Why do I think that these are the folks who actually read email spam and buy the crap being sold.
Maybe they think they CAN grow 6 inches?
I think the true ceiling is 58%, and I'm proud to count myself among them.
The problem, of course, is that he may have lied before Congress when he last appeared...

Was he under oath? Isn't that a felony?
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