Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Bush Justice Department Investigated Dems At Local Level 7 Times Greater Than Fellow Repubs

Andrew Sullivan has the details about what he says may be a pattern of "deep, deep corruption of the justice system, all designed to foment unstoppable, uncheckable one-party rule":

From 2001 through 2006 the Bush Justice Department investigated elected Democratic office holders and office seekers locally (non-state-wide and non federal offices) at a rate more than seven times greater (nearly 85 percent to 12 percent) than they investigated local Republican elected office holders and seekers. This was so even though, throughout the nation, Democrat elected officials outnumber Republican elected officials at the rate of only 50 percent to 41 percent. Nine percent of elected officials are Independent/Other.

Local and under the radar. Andrew says what I said earlier - keep digging. There's something very bad underneath all the spin and lame excuses. And whatever it is, Gonzo, Bush, and Rove do not want us to know too much about it.

I tell you...we're seeing so many little twists to the why's and how's of DoJ scandals, that maybe we just need to wrap it up into one big SCANDAL?!
It is one big SCANDAL - as Andrew Sullivan said, it all adds up to Rove and the Repubs doing everything in their power to undermine democracy and create permanent one party rule.
I just read an article on Huffington that made me all but physically ill. The backstory is that the Texas Rangers conducted an investigation of one particular juvenile detention center, and found that administrators had been engaged in sexually abusing the boys in the facility. The latest to hit the papers is that the governing board has resigned in disgrace for allowing this to go on, and a special commision will run the state-wide operation until the entire juvenile detention system can be completely cleaned up.

The forward story (my sole source is Huffington) is that the DoJ refused to prosecute when first contacted back in 2006, giving the excuse of insufficient evidence of "injury" and "force" necessary to raise it to the level of the crime of violation of the civil rights of the inmates. Speculation is that they (DoJ and above, Texans all) just didn't want to raise the issue while friend Rick Perry was running for re-election.

Now I will grant that mere federal prosecution of the offenders is way, way, WAY too kind and gentle to fit the crime, but anyone who just couldn't be bothered to prosecute belongs alongside them in the harshest prison available, in general population, with a sign around their necks saying "I condone the sexual abuse of boys in custody."

The only real question is whose neck this albatross should hang from. If the allegations are true (and frustrated prosecutors will testify and the paper trail exists), Gonzales is dead, and the only question is how far up the chain of command such despicable corruption exists. This could well be the REAL scandal they're so anxious to cover up.

Pelosi '07, for sure.
Probably just one of the real scandals they're trying to cover up - a sickening, sickening example to be sure. And these guys are the ones who like to tell us how moral and Christian they are? Ughh.
For the record, the story as it appeared on HuffIT seems to emphasize federal involvement more than is warranted. From an article in the Texas Observer (a good, solid muckraker newspaper), the blame for burying the investigation lies mainly with the Texas Youth Commission higher-ups in Austin, although it is true that the feds did not lift a finger to protect those incarcerated (they were tied up with misdemeaner voter fraud cases -- no, I'm serious).

Speaking of being incarcerated, neither offender has been charged with any crime to date (more than two years after the Rangers first filed their report), and one was found supervising in a charter (read troubled youth) school in Midland.

Pelosi. Now.
They were tied up w/ misdemeanor voter fraud cases? Geez, all the Bush Justice Dept apparatchiks do is go around the country looking for bullshit voter fraud cases to bring. (A Washington Post op-ed piece today debunks the voter fraud allegations as "myth" and "phantom.") In the meantime, real cases (some as horrific as the one you brought up) go uninvestigated.

Bush justice.
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