Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Coulter Loves Gay Porn Star

Pictured above with Ann Coulter at the Conservative Political Action Conference (the same conference where Coulter called John Edwards a "faggot") is Marine reservist and 36-year old Columbia University undergraduate Matt Sanchez. Sanchez has appeared on FOX News with Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity to complain about his treatment by other Columbia students ("radical anti-military students") who he claims have abused him because he's a Marine.

Funny thing, though. Sanchez is also an admitted gay porn actor who has worked under the names Rod Majors and Pierre LaBranche in such films as Donkey Dick, Jawbreaker and Glory Holes of Fame 3.

I wonder if Ann Coulter knew about Sanchez's past gay porn career when she embraced him at CPAC this weekend?

It's hard to say, but it is ironic that one of the first words Coulter uttered when she got in front of the CPAC crowd was "faggot" after taking her picture with Sanchez.

I wonder what that says about Mitt Romney and family?

I don't know much about Romney, but I find it absolutely nauseating that he'd pose with Coulter. I don't think her support is a net positive for any Republican nowadays.
At CPAC she was greeted like royalty. There she's net plus. But outside of the Hannity/Rush crowd, I suspect you're right, nyc.
Dusty has posted the letter that CPAC wrote officially condemning her. Good stuff.
Thanks, pt. I'll check it out.
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