Thursday, March 15, 2007

I Guess Gordon Smith and John Sununu Aren't "Loyal Bushies"

From Reuters:

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A second congressional Republican on Thursday recommended U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales be replaced in the wake of a political firestorm for the firings of eight federal prosecutors.

At the same time, newly released documents showed the administration believed most of the nation's 93 U.S. attorneys were "loyal Bushies," and Gonzales was aware of the possible dismissals of others in late 2004 while White House counsel.

Mostly Democratic critics have charged the ousters last year appeared to have been politically motivated, and many have said Gonzales should step aside.

A number of Republicans have also voiced concerns. But Sen. Gordon Smith of Oregon on Thursday became just the second Republican in Congress to signal it was time to replace him.

"He (Smith) has suggested that it would be helpful to have an attorney general that Congress could have more confidence in," a Smith spokesman said. On Wednesday, Republican Sen. John Sununu of New Hampshire urged Bush to fire Gonzales.

It would be helpful to have an A.G. that the Congress (and the American people) could have more confidence in.

But as we know, Bush only wants "loyal Bushies."

And so - Abu Gonzales.

UPDATE: Via Mike at Crest, CBS is reporting a third Republican wants Gonzales gone:

(CBS/AP) Pressure mounted on the White House Thursday to fire Attorney General Alberto Gonzales for the abrupt dismissal of U.S. attorneys. More Republicans called for his ouster, and one Republican strategist close to the White House told CBS News that Gonzales is "finished."

Congressman Dana Rohrbacher became the latest Republican to say Gonzales should go, reports CBS News White House correspondent Jim Axelrod.

"Even for Republicans this is a warning sign … saying there needs to be a change," said Rohrbacher. "Maybe the president should have an attorney general who is less a personal friend and more professional in his approach."

Three Repubs calling for Gonzales' ouster. The floodgates are gonna break any minute now.

Looks like it's time to order another medal of freedom award.
And maybe a pardon!
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