Monday, March 12, 2007

Who Spread The Rudy Abortion Video?

Yesterday Drudge linked to this YouTube video from 1989 of Rudy Giuliani calling for more public funding of abortions for poor women. In the video, Giuliani also says he opposed George H.W. Bush's veto of a law that allowed for more public funding for abortions.

Boy, Rudy's having a rough couple of weeks. After rising to the top of the GOP presidential primary polling, Rudy has been dealing with the fall-out from an interview his son Andrew gave to the NY Times in which he said he is "estranged" from his father, from evangelical Richard Land calling Giuliani's split from second wife Donna Hanover "a divorce on steroids," and from the closer scrutiny his past personal life and adulterous affairs are getting from the press.

Now he's got to deal with the abortion video that surely will make evangelicals like Richard Land who are already dismayed by his personal life and three marriages even less likely to support him.

So who got the video to Drudge? Romney or McCain?

It has to be one of those campaigns. Rudy was getting all this positive press as his poll numbers were rising, so you know one of them had to want to do something to stem Rudy's rise. I'm betting it was Romney. After all, it was a Romney adviser who told the Politico just three days ago that Rudy's "scrutiny time" was coming soon.

Maybe that adviser knew all about the YouTube video?

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