Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Amazing Rhetoric

The Democratic leadership in the Congress just had their meeting with the preznut and Congressional Republicans to talk about the impasse over the Iraq war funding bill.

Afterwards, John Boehner and the Republican leadership held a press conference in which Boehner said (I'm paraphrasing), "Democrats are going to have to decide if they are supporting surrender in Iraq by backing troop withdrawal time lines or if they are supporting victory by backing the preznut's plan."

That's pretty amazing rhetoric coming from the House minority leader considering

* the preznut's surge policy is a miserable failure and the carnage in Iraq continues to rage unabated.

* at least 171 people were killed in Iraq today in car bomb attacks, sniper attacks, insurgent activity and sectarian violence.

* the Maliki government is in danger of falling, further increasing the political instability in Iraq.

* death squad killings are rising again after briefly falling during the start of the troop surge. (Yesterday, 85 people were killed or found dead around Iraq. 17 bodies were found dumped in Ramadi; 25 in Baghdad. One of the few "successes" for the surge policy was the decrease in death squad activity. But that "success" seems to have been pretty short-lived.)

* over the last 6 months American troops have died at the highest rate since the war began in March of 2003 (from October 2006 through the end of March 2007, 532 U.S. troops were killed, the most during any 6 month period in the war.)

* 80+ American troops have died in the conflict during the last four months (December through March), the first time since the start of the war that the United States has suffered casualties of 80 or more a month for four consecutive months. (And this month doesn't look like it's going to be any better. It's April 18 and already 65 American soldiers and 8 Brits have died in the conflict this month.)
Despite all of the bad news coming out of Iraq, John Boehner and the Republican leadership have the gall to call the Dem leadership "surrender monkeys" and claim the preznut's surge plan is going swimmingly.


What kind of psychosis does it take to be able to do that?

They just gotta say what they gotta say and do what they gotta do. They're flabbergasted because the public is no longer buying the nonsense they spew.

So we may as well hope they keep spewing it until they can be replaced. Smart Republicans will probably deal well before that.
Do you remember the old Joe Isuzu tv commericals? A pitchman would make outrageously false and comical claims, and as he jabbered on, a screen caption appeared saying, "This man is lying."

If we had an honest broadcast media, they'd use that caption every time someone in the administration made these outrageous claims.
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