Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Bush bitched today that the Dem-controlled Congress went on vacation without providing emergency war funds for the Afghanistan and Iraq wars. He said that it has been 57 days since he requested the money and that it was unacceptable for the request to go on so long unfulfilled.

Think Progress notes that the 109th Republican Rubber Stamp Congress received two emergency war funding requests from the preznut and that it took 86 days and 119 days respectively for the Congress to complete the requests.

Yet he's bitching about 57 days and more ironically, about Dems going on Easter recess.

Can you imagine the preznut with the most vacation time ever, the guy who pulled brush and went to a fund raiser in Arizona while New Orleans drowned during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, is bitching about the Congress going away for Easter recess?

What a joke. It shows you how delusional and arrogant Bush is that he can do that with a straight face.

It seems like they believe their own crap. Amazing. The best liars actually think they are telling the truth.
True. That's what makes them so dangerous - the mental illness!
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