Friday, April 13, 2007

NPR: Rove Behind Prosecutor Purge

National Public Radio says all roads lead to Rove:

The Justice Department sent Congress a new batch of documents about the dismissals of eight U.S. attorneys. The documents show Justice Department and White House staffers planning the firings and trying to control the subsequent fallout.


NPR now has new information about that plan. According to someone who's had conversations with White House officials, the plan to fire all 93 U.S. attorneys originated with political adviser Karl Rove. It was seen as a way to get political cover for firing the small number of U.S. attorneys the White House actually wanted to get rid of. Documents show the plan was eventually dismissed as impractical.

The Justice Department documents released today include a spreadsheet ranking all 93 prosecutors. The chart ranks them on whether they have Hill experience, campaign experience, and — in the last column — whether they're members of the Federalist Society, a conservative legal group.

In addition, NPR reports that WH counsel Fred Fielding actually wants to negotiate with Congress over how and when current and former White House officials testify will before Congress in the purge investigation, but the preznut won't let him. So Fielding sent Congress a letter yesterday saying that the administration won't budge from its original offer - the Congress can only get Miers and Rove to talk without an oath and without a transcript.

(H/T to Talking Points Memo)

Forgive me if I just hold my tongue until there is an indictment. You know, after the whole Plame fiasco.

I'll just sit here and quietly hope.
I'm with you on that, pt. But notice that I got the story first from Talking Point Memo (who themselves got it from National Public Radio.)

No more Jason Leopold stories for me.

Let's see what happens with this story. While there has not been any criminal activity uncovered yet (as many Repubs are quick to point out) the WH has held back many of the documents the Congress would need to look at to determine if any laws had been broken. And then there will have to be the investigation into why Rove and Company deleted emails that were supposed to be preserved.

This story has a long way to go yet.
Yeah, It looks like it has legs.

Very, very interesting. Somehow though, I just get the feeling that Rove is going to weasel out of it somehow.

He's gotten this far.
I agree, pt. Today's news that Bush intervened to get Iglesias added to the firing list is interesting though and may just ratchet the scandal up a level.
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