Saturday, May 26, 2007

8 More Soldiers Killed In Iraq Today

The rundown of the casualties is here. The U.S. death toll for the month of May so far is 101. 3 British soldiers, 1 South Korean and 1 Danish soldier have also been killed in Iraq this month. Last month, 104 U.S. troops were killed (along w/12 Brits and 1 multi-national soldier.)

Memorial day weekend, soldiers continue to die, the media continues to fail to cover the stories of these fallen soldiers. I had to search out the story on the MSNBC website. The NY Times, The Washington Post and Reuters have nothing about the deaths so far. Nothing on the cable networks either. I guess 8 dead Americans in Iraq isn't much news anymore, but you'd think they'd take a break from all the stories about gas prices and where to buy nice sunglasses to cover the story on Memorial Day weekend.

UPDATE: USA Today is running the AP story on it's front page now.

Hey R-BE, thought this post might interest you given previous threads on your blog
Thanks, korova. I remember you saying there was a translation problem and lo and behold, it was so.
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