Wednesday, May 23, 2007

9 U.S. Military Personnel Killed In Iraq

The day after Dems announce they have withdrawn timelines from the Iraq war spending bill and given Preznut Bush a blank check to continue to escalate the war, the U.S. military announced the results of a very deadly day in Iraq:

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Twenty people were killed by a suicide bomber in a crowded cafe northeast of Baghdad on Wednesday, while the U.S. military reported the deaths of seven more soldiers.

Iraqi police also said they had found the body of one of three U.S. soldiers who have been missing since an attack on their patrol south of Baghdad on May 12.


The U.S. military said seven soldiers were killed in four separate roadside bomb and shooting attacks on Tuesday, most of them in or around the capital. The military had already reported the deaths of two Marines in Anbar on Tuesday.

The latest reported deaths mean a total of nine soldiers were killed on Tuesday, one of the highest daily tolls suffered by U.S. troops in Iraq. Eighty soldiers have now been killed since the beginning of the month.

Reuters reports that a body of a U.S. soldier was found half-naked and tortured and floating in the Euphrates River. The military cannot confirm if the body is one of the three missing U.S. soldiers captured by insurgents.

A total of 3,431 American military personnel have been killed since the start of the war.

Since the preznut has been given another blank check to fight the war any old way he wants, expect American casualties to continue to mount.

Since the troop surge policy has been implemented, American casualties have risen to an average of 3.32 a day, nearly one more casualty a day than before the surge.

While Fred Kagan and some loyal Bushies are claiming progress from the surge, the news from Iraq gets worse and worse and only the most deluded can actually believe that 30,000-40,000 additional troops added to an already overstretched military trying to referee a civil war between Sunnis and Shiites, fight a Sunni insurgency, and battle Al Qaeda jihadis will actually bring positive results.

So all we're doing here is treading water until the next administration comes in to clean up Bush's mess. Bush knows that, the Repubs in Congress know that, the Dems in Congress know that and the presidential candidates in both parties know that. Unfortunately, few in either party have the political will or courage to do what is right and take the keys from the crazy guy in 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. While Dems deserve scorn for bowing to the preznut on the Iraq war funding bill, Repubs deserve as much scorn for enabling Bush all these years and continuing to enable his war policy. You know that if Dems had the numbers, they would have forced the timelines. But they didn't and they would have needed Republican support override a veto. They didn't have it, they surrendered to both reality and Bush's obstinacy.

I wonder how many more Americans will die between now and the eventual pull-out as a result.

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