Thursday, May 03, 2007

Carnage Wednesday

Yesterday was a pretty bad day in Iraq.

4 Filipino workers were killed by a rocket attack in the Green Zone.

3 U.S. soldiers were killed in bomb attacks in Baghdad.

85 Iraqis were killed or found dead on Wednesday, including 8 people who died when their minibus hit a roadside bomb.

In addition, the NY Times reports that Kurds and Sunnis are opposed to the draft version of a national oil law which establishes the framework for the sharing of oil revenues in Iraq.

Passage of the national oil law is one of the benchmarks of progress laid down by Preznut Bush to help forge a political settlement to the ethnic and sectarian conflicts in the country.

The administration was hoping for quick passage of the law.

Like almost everything else they have thought about Iraq and the occupation, they were wrong about the quick passage.

But the preznut nonetheless reminded the American people that no matter what the majority of the country thinks about the occupation or the majority of the Congress thinks about it, he still runs things:

“The question is, ‘Who ought to make that decision, the Congress or the commanders?’ ” Mr. Bush said. “As you know, my position is clear — I’m the commander guy.”

There you have it - he's the "commander guy".

He really is a child.

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