Thursday, May 03, 2007


Former Deputy Attorney General James Comey testified before the House Judiciary Committee today and put a pretty good hit on the administration's rationale for the Prosecutor Purge firings:

Jim Comey, who served as deputy attorney general from 2003 to 2005, said he had one 15-minute conversation during his tenure about prosecutors who were considered weak managers. Only one of the eight who were ultimately fired -- Kevin Ryan, the former U.S. attorney in San Francisco -- fit that description, Comey said.

The others were doing their jobs well, Comey told a House Judiciary subcommittee investigating the firings.

His testimony starkly contrasted with the Justice Department's insistence that the eight were ordered to resign in a midterm purge because they were considered underperformers in some of the Bush administration's priority crime-fighting areas.

David Iglesias of New Mexico, for example, was ''a very effective U.S. attorney,'' Comey said. He called Daniel Bogden of Nevada ''as straight as a Nevada highway and a fired-up guy'' and Paul Charlton of Arizona ''one of the best.''

Of John McKay, former prosecutor in Seattle: ''One of my favorites,'' Comey said. Carol Lam of San Diego was ''a fine U.S. attorney.''

Comey also said he didn't understand what Kyle Sampson meant about only wanting to hire U.S. attorneys who were "loyal" to the president and said he believes the Department of Justice has a "special trust" to remain outside of politics so it can "serve Americans of all stripes."

Here's the tape on that. Take a minute to watch it.

Clearly, Alberto Gonzales, Kyle Sampson, Paul McNulty, Monica Goodling, Karl Rove, Harriet Miers, and George Bush do not share Comey's view about the Department of Justice.

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