Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Doomed To Repeat

Cunning Realist wrote a piece for the May 21 edition of The American Conservative entitled "Doomed To Repeat."

For my liberal friends and readers who don't know the magazine, TAC is a paleoconservative journal that pretty scathingly skewers Bush economic policy, foreign policy and Iraq war policy. Unlike many in the conservative media (i.e., NRO, The American Spectator, FOX Noise, etc.), TAC does not defend a policy simply because it is a Republican policy or a Bush policy.

I may not always agree with the writers in the TAC, but I at least feel they actually believe what they're writing and saying.

When you look at NRO or watch FOX Noise, you know that if the current Bush war policy or foreign policy were being carried out by a Democrat, they would be critical to high heaven.

But because it's "their guy," they defend it.

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