Friday, May 18, 2007

More Chaos In Iraq

How much longer do we have to make believe that Preznut Bush's surge policy in Iraq has a chance to work?

BAGHDAD, May 18 -- Five U.S. soldiers were killed and nine wounded in separate attacks in Baghdad and the restive province of Diyala northeast of the capital, the U.S. military said Friday, and ABC News reported that two Iraqi journalists working for the network's Baghdad bureau were killed by gunmen while on their way home from work Thursday night.


The U.S. military reported that three soldiers were killed Friday in Diyala when an explosion occurred near their vehicle. Two other soldiers were killed and nine were injured Thursday in separate attacks in southern Baghdad, where the Army has been conducting raids against weapons caches and assisting in reconstruction projects, the military said.


The U.S. military reported Friday that it was continuing the search for three soldiers who were abducted last Saturday when their patrol was ambushed by insurgents south of Baghdad. Four U.S. soldiers and an Iraqi interpreter were killed in the attack.


Also Friday, the bodies of 21 people who had been tortured were found in Khalis, a city about 35 miles north of Baghdad, a police source in Diyala said. The victims were both Sunni Arabs and Shiites who had been kidnapped two days earlier, he said.

Iraq army Capt. Abdul Hussein Muhammad said 12 other people were kidnapped Friday about 70 miles south of Kirkuk. The Diyala police source said they were abducted by gunmen who had set up a fake checkpoint.

58 U.S. soldiers have been killed this month in Iraq, 3409 in all. And the NY Times reports that the death toll for contractors in Iraq has reached a record high this year - 146 were killed in Iraq in just the first three months of the year.

This is what the administration (and all of the GOP candidates for president except for Ron Paul) call "progress."

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