Thursday, May 31, 2007

Purge Update

Tom Hamburger reports in today's LA Times that Tom Heffelfinger, the highly respected former U.S. attorney for Minnesota, may have been pushed out of his job by the Bush administration for trying to preserve the rights of Native Americans to vote in the 2004 election. Heffelfinger was replaced by Rachel Paulose, a DOJ lawyer and member of the Federalist Society with close ties to the White House. Paulose's entire senior staff resigned in early April because of her "management style."

McClatchy reports that the Department of Justice has expanded its internal inquiry to look into allegations that that senior DOJ officials improperly filled career jobs at the department based on applicants GOP credentials or conservative views while the Democratic Congress has promised continued oversight into the matter.

And Tim Griffin, the former Karl Rove aide who replaced purged prosecutor Bud Cumins in Arkansas, will resign his post effective June 1. There was a rumor going around (I think I heard it on Hardball) that Griffin would be joining Fred Thompson's presidential campaign.

On the subject of Fred Thompson's candidacy -- Puzzled by his suddenly decrepit appearance in recent photos, likely due to his being treated for lymphoma, I happened to look up his age. He was born 8/19/42, and is only one day older than I am, yet he looks as though he could be his own father.

I'm convinced his candidacy is ill-advised at best, and his election would be suicidal. The Presidency is physically demanding, and there comes a point where a man needs to sit back and stop doing, and start teaching others how to go forward. Some give the appearance of vitality later in life, but you young whipper-snappers would be surprised to find out how much of that is the trick of having learned not to waste any of our limited energy on the small stuff.

I wish the man well, and no worse health than I wish for myself, but he belongs no closer to the President's desk than a trusted advisor's quiet office somewhere well removed.
I'm a little shocked by that comment. I was gonna comment that the GOP folks on my blog seem enamored by Thompson. Maybe he just looks good compared to Rudy and Mitt.
kicksiron, the Repubs are so desperate for another reagan that they are projecting a lot onto this man and his future candidacy. The word was, Thompson wasn't all that hard a worker when he was in the Senate and I just don't see how somebody with that ethic (dinner over votes, dinner and drinks over campaigning, etc.) can win a presidential election anymore. (BTW, he may be the healthier person for NOT wanting to work so hard at politics...)

nyc, a lot of Repubs are experiencing a "man crush" on Fred, just the way they used to have a man crush on Bush until the reality became so apparent that even Peggy Noonan had to let it go.
The repubs' fascination with image over substance never ceases to amaze me. Reagan was demonstrating symptoms of Alzheimer's during his first term, and he got a lot worse during his second. His clear inability to understand an abstract -- poverty -- in any but the most cartoonish image -- the welfare queen in her Cadillac -- was just one of many signs. He single-handedly all but destroyed the banking and the savings and loan systems in this country with his deregulation and doing away with oversight, and put a heck of a crimp in the building industry as a result. Yet the speeches when he died would have you believe he pissed yellow diamonds and shat gold double eagles.

But he reminded them of the kindly grandfather they wanted, and that was all that mattered I guess. Now, they want to find another just like him. God help us if they do.
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