Saturday, May 12, 2007

Why Would Iran Be Scared Of Dick Cheney?

The AP reports that five soldiers were killed and three are missing after a patrol of seven U.S. soldiers and 1 Iraqi interpreter was attacked near Mahmoudiya in a Sunni insurgent stronghold about 20 miles south of Baghdad.

2 American soldiers were killed and 11 were wounded in attacks in Baghdad and Diyala on Thursday.

So far this month, 42 U.S. soldiers and 2 British soldiers have been killed in Iraq.

With the increased attacks on U.S. soldiers and American outposts in the last two months, you have to wonder if we're "taking to the insurgents" as the preznut claims or if they're "taking it to us."

In other violence, bridges in Baghdad were the targets of suicide bombings on Friday that killed 22 people and wounded more than 50 while 17 bodies, victims of death squads, were found around the city.

On the money front , the NY Times reports that between 100,000 and 300,000 barrels of Iraq's declared oil production over the past four years is unaccounted for and most likely has been siphoned off through corruption or smuggling. The lost oil revenue is valued at about $5 million-$15 a day

4+ years into the occupation and conditions continue to deteriorate, the violence is becoming deadlier for U.S. troops, and the war is as costly as ever.

Yet, DeadEye Dick talked tough to Iran yesterday on an aircraft carrier, letting 'em know we'll take it to them too if they don't watch out.

Ha! Who is he kidding?

He can't even shoot a goddamned quail right, let alone handle three simultaneous wars.

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