Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Sorry about the irregular posting and responses to comments - been pretty busy with work lately.

Anyway, too bad about Scooter, huh? Sounds like Judge Walton doesn't sound predisposed to let Scooter stay out of jail during the appeals process.

Too, too bad.

Work? I thought you had scruples.
Do you want to know what we're doing in the English Dept. for the 12 days of work left after classes? Creating grammar lessons for all 4 grades to fit in between Regents lessons and the additional 4 standardized tests.

I'm not sure when I have time to teach literature anymore between the test prep and the actual tests. The juniors will take 4 standardized ELA tests, 1 practice ELA Regents, the actual ELA Regents, 4 standardized math tests, the PSAT, and the SAT.

And I dunno if you know this, nyc, but schools are going to be evaluated not just on Regents scores but also on PSAT scores - that's why the PSAT is free for sophomores and juniors. Moneybags is looking to use the PSAT scores to close big schools and open up thousands more charter schools with 250 kids, 4 P/T teachers, an AP, and a janitor.
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