Saturday, June 09, 2007

It Only Mattered When It Was Clinton Doing The Lying

It's good to see all these law and order conservative types minimizing Scooter Libby's conviction on perjury and false statements to the FBI:

National Review’s William F. Buckley, the “godfather of modern conservatism,” acknowledges today that the “evidence appears to have been overwhelming that [Scooter Libby] lied to the FBI, and that in so doing he hindered the execution of justice.” But this offense, he says, is a mere “triviality,” and President Bush should “exhibit the courage for which he is loved and hated, by doing the right thing, and letting Mr. Libby get on with life.”

There you have it - even though Buckley admits there's overwhelming evidence that Libby lied to the FBI, he wants Bush to pardon him.

I guess the laws only apply to people outside of the conservative movement.

The ability to talk out of both sides of your mouth on any given issue is actually a prerequisite for being a good conservative.
Most humans are predisposed to giving their own side more of a break on things, but movement conservatives have by and large abandoned their core beliefs (small gov't, civil liberties, "humble" foreign policy that eschews nation-building) during the Bush years. Reading Andrew Sullivan and other conservatives who turned on the prez and his cronies, you can see how painful the realization has been that Bush has done for "conservativism" what Carter did for "liberalism" - turned it into a dirty word.

As for the fuckers calling for Scooter's pardon on the theory that Fitz was an out of control prosecutor, they're all just full of shit. Same goes for the theory that Scooter should be pardoned cuz' Fitz couldn't find an underlying crime - Fitz couldn't find an underlying crime because Libby helped cover-up whatever REALLY happened in Cheney's office.
Outing a CIA agent for any purpose (but especially political purposes), and then lying about it, has to be punished with jail time. Let's hope this judge can stick to his guns.
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