Monday, June 18, 2007

Not 3,100

Representative Phil Gingrey (R-GA) lectured war opponents and "people in pink t-shirts" on Hardball tonight that the United States has to give the preznut's surge policy a chance to work in Iraq. He said "nuts" to "waving the white flag of surrender" and said we owe it to "the 3,100 American military personnel" that have given their lives in this war to win it.

One of the problems with Representative Gingrey's lecture - as of today, 3,527 American military personnel have been killed in Iraq since the start of the war (along w/ 151 Brits and 127 multi-national soldiers.)

Doesn't it undercut the power and efficacy of Representative Gingrey's lecture that the stupid sonuvabitch doesn't even have a ballpark figure for the actual number of U.S. deaths in Iraq?

Gingrey was off by 427.

The number of U.S. deaths in Iraq reached 3,100 in January of this year - before the surge started.

Did Gingrey just stop checking the casualty lists for the last six months?

Or might it be that he simply doesn't give a rat's ass about dead American soldiers even though he serves on the House Armed Services Committee?

Georgia, eh? Maybe he only counts white boys.

I know not to expect anything out of Hardball, but it that doesn't made Keith Olberman's Worst Person in the World! list, there's no reason left in the world.
kicksiron, Tweety Bird Matthews didn't even catch Gingrey's mistake, which maybe says something about Matthews too!

I missed Keith's Worst Person segment. Did Gingrey make it tonight?
kicksiron, you wrote:

"Maybe he only counts white boys."

About 75% of fatalities have occurred among "white boys."

Blacks account for about 9.5% of fatalities, and Latinos account for about 10.5%.

Though race-baiters love to claim blacks and hispanics are unfairly used as cannon fodder, in fact, blacks account for about 12% of the US population. Hispanics account for a tad more than 12%.

reality, you wrote:

"Gingrey was off by 427."

That's hard to say. Reports show that 3,115 US personnel have been killed by Direct Hostile Fire.

Your number includes every US military death, which includes deaths occurring in military accidents such as helicopter crashes NOT caused by enemy fire.

Gingrey may well be a dope. I don't know. But it is tough to know if his statement identifies him as such.
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