Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Success In Iraq Continues

Militants have bombed bridges leading from Baghdad three times in the last three days. The idea is to cut off sectarian factions from each other, isolate the city and create more sectarian unrest.

The Iraqi Parliament voted to oust the speaker yesterday, creating more political problems for a government already divided by factions and loyalties.

The LA Times reports that two U.S. generals have given Iraqi security forces poor marks for a lack of readiness to take over security when the Americans stand down. In particular, they said the police forces are riddled with corruption and sectarianism. This hasn't changed in the four years since the U.S. first took down Saddam.

Finally, the NY Times reports that the Bush administration has told the Iraqis that they must make "some" political progress by next month. The U.S. would especially like to see the oil revenue sharing law completed. The problem, as critics see it, is that the preznut claimed he put the surge in place to ensure that political progress in Iraq could be made while the Americans took care of security. But no political progress of any sort has been made so far.

Is anybody really optimistic that any political or security progress can be made any time soon?


I understand from another blog, that Geo. W. was photographed sitting at a table with a few other of the G8 attendees with a glass of what certainly appeared to be beer in front of him. The following day, he was "sick" and could not make the final day of the meeting. The blogger was concerned that he might be boozing it up again, but I suspect that would be more indicative of his being treated with Zoloft or one of the other SSRIs. With at least some of those, you don't have any desire for alcohol, but if you have even a little, you wind up with the mother of all hangovers.

A recovering alcoholic would have the good sense to say, "No thanks, I'll just have a club soda." Only someone in deep denial says, "Well, just one won't hurt me."

My GF couldn't function with SSRIs -- she said it felt like her brain was wrapped in cotton wool. Then she tried to taper off, after being on them only a month or so. Absolute hell -- they're more addictive than crack and just as excruciating to withdraw from.

Hell of a choice, ain't it -- he's either a boozer or on heavy drugs that wreck havoc with his cognitive powers.

I saw that photo too, kicksiron, and right away I thought "Uh, oh - he's boozing again." But according to Keith Olbermann, the bottle in front of Bush in the photo was a non-alcoholic beer. Yet, as you bring up, he was "sick" the next day. Hmm.

Non-alcoholic beer, btw, is not entirely non-alcoholic. There are trace amounts of alcohol and AA and other recovery programs steer recovering drunks away from drinking non-alcoholic beers.
I had forgotten that non-alcoholic beer wasn't quite. If memory serves, the percentage is around half a percent, or a twelvth of what beer normally contains.

I don't know what the alcohol threshhold using Zoloft is, but my GF was bed-ridden by half a glass of wine. That would be the equivalent of a six-pack of near beer, not beyond the capacity of a thirsty man. Hmmm.
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