Thursday, June 14, 2007

Vigil For Scooter

When the news came down that Judge Reggie Walton wasn't willing to let Scooter Libby stay out of jail pending appeal of his perjury/obstruction convictions in the CIA leak case, I expected we'd see a bunch of wingers all over the TV tonight lamenting the unfairness of it all and screaming about an out-of-control prosecutor who couldn't find an underlying crime in the case so he hung poor Scooter for "misremembering" the facts of the case. Digby has a good post on that "vigil".

Funny thing though - on Hardball tonight, former Nixon speech writer and Reagan communications director Pat Buchanan took apart former Cheney aide Ron Christie in a debate over Libby's pardon and the fairness of the verdict. After three segments on whether Libby should be pardoned or not, Buchanan (taking the viewpoint that someone convicted of perjury/obstruction in a court of law ought to be punished and go to jail) says to Christie: "After all the talk about this, the only reason I can see that you have given to me for why Libby should be pardoned is because he's Cheney's guy. And that's not good enough - what about the rule of law?"


I'll post more about the Buchanan/Christie bit when MSNBC puts up the transcript tomorrow. Really, it was that good.

"Rule of law"? Naw, I'm pretty sure that's got something to do with blowjobs.

I think you're right.
I posted at my blog, why Scooter should be free, from a left view.

As much as we all hate Bush, the law used in the Plame affair, is a law written against the left. It was written to stop people from exposing CIA activities against progressive governments.

Still no tears here.
Renegade Eye, since it was Victoria Toensing who helped write the law, I always figured it was created to keep ex-CIA officials from writing about Agency activities, covert operations, etc (I remember the Agee book from my high school days too...)
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