Monday, July 02, 2007

116 Degrees In The Shade

The Iraqi government is claiming today that Iraqi civilian casualties were down a third in June from the previous month.

The usual delusional wingers like Joe Lieberman are saying this decline in casualties came as a result of the preznut's surge finally reaching full strength and that the surge needs to be given more time to decrease Iraqi casualties and violence levels in Iraq even more.

But the NY Times reports that the casualty numbers in Iraq are hard to gauge because the Iraqi government long ago stopped reporting the numbers when they grew so horrendous, so when the Iraqis do reveal stats now, they have to be taken with a healthy dose of skepticism.

I'll buy that. But I'll also offer one more reason for why civilian casualties are down in Iraq - IT'S FUCKING SUMMER AND THE HIGH TEMPERATURE FOR HE AVERAGE DAYS IS 116 FUCKING DEGREES!!!!!

Casualties go down every year in June, July and August because it's too hot to plant roadside bombs, engage in sectarian revenge killings, blow up mosques, etc., not to mention there are fewer people on the streets making themselves targets.

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