Monday, July 02, 2007

The Bottom Line

By commuting Scooter Libby's sentence on perjury and obstruction charges in the CIA leak case, Preznut Bush has now become an accessory to the obstruction and a hypocrite:

Remember that Mr Bush is notoriously pardon-averse. He has only issued 113 pardons in nearly seven years. In Texas, he sent many, many people to the execution room, even those, like Karla Faye Tucker, who had genuinely expressed remorse and been born again. In fact, he famously mocked her petition for clemency. So she was killed. But Bush finds a way to spare his own apparatchik from mere months in jail for a clear case of perjury.

If this shores up his conservative base, then his conservative base has no principles. They impeached Clinton for the same crime. But they let their own go free. If you needed a reason to rid Washington of the president's corrupt party, you just got one. Get angrier.

The above is from Andrew Sullivan - a conservative.

He gets it.

Unfortunately, Fred Thompson, up-and-coming GOP presidential hopeful and chair of the Free Scooter Fund, does not:

Thompson, who is on the advisory committee for Libby's defense fund, says he respects the president's decision to not pardon and is "happy" for Libby that he's not going to jail thanks to the president.

Isn't it odd how the Law and Order Preznut and the star of Law and Order the TV show are only in favor of law and order when it's not a crony and/or political ally facing it?

If Thompson wins the GOP nomination next year, he has going to have to answer for this hypocrisy.

As for the preznut, he said if anybody in his administration was found to have leaked classified information, he would take care of them.

Tonight, he did.

He commuted his sentence.

UPDATE: MSNBC reports that Joe Biden suggests Americans flood the phone lines of the White House tomorrow with their outrage. Atrios notes that tonight the White House has cut off their comment lines. But tomorrow...

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