Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Just Missed It

Was at the public library on 40th Street tonight until about 5:20 PM, then left to meet somebody over on 49th and the West Side. Got home around 9:30 tonight to find out that East 41st Street and Lexington Avenue blew up about 15 minutes after I left the area. We never heard a thing over on 49th and 8th (except for some helicopters, but you hear those so often in Manhattan that I've stopped paying attention.)

Amazing that a city block could blow up and 8 blocks and 6 avenues away nobody knew that anything had happened.

UPDATE: The NY Times first reported that the explosion occurred around 5:30 PM, but now I see that it happened closer to 6:00 PM. So, I missed it by at least a half an hour.

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