Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Poor Mikey - He Didn't Get His Way

Mayor Michael Moneybags of New York City is one gigantic whiny ass titty baby. Here's how he treated the people he needed to win over for passage of his traffic congestion plan in the Assembly and the Senate yesterday:

Assembly Democrats griped that Bloomberg hurt his cause by trying to ram through the comprehensive proposal in a short time without listening to the concerns of others.


The mayor spent the day in Albany pushing his plan in private meetings with Spitzer, Bruno and other lawmakers and on the phone with Silver, who pointedly refused to bring his members back to the Capitol yesterday.

During a sometimes-testy hourlong closed-door meeting with the mayor, Senate Democrats said Bloomberg cut off their questions and at times insulted them.

According to two senators, when the mayor was asked a question, he responded, "We sent you a packet of materials on it. Didn't you bother opening your mail?"

"He does not accept criticism and he views advice as criticism," said one Senate Democrat. "He had no answers for complaints that weren't flippant."

Insulting, dictatorial, arrogant, a know-it-all and has to have it his way all the time - gee, don't we already have somebody like that in the White House?

Oh, yeah, we do.

Now clearly Bloomberg - a self-made billionaire robber baron with somewhere between $6 and $22 billion dollars to his name - is more competent than the current White House inhabitant who was born into all his money. And clearly Bloomberg has done a better job of running New York City than Bush has done with the country. But nonetheless, as people these two guys are strikingly similar in personality.

Strangely enough, the members of the press corps, often feted to free cucumber martinis and yummy cocktail weenies by media mogul Bloomberg, don't report much about his personality short-comings. That probably has as much to do with their wanting to leave future job opportunities at Bloomberg Inc. open as their desire to gobble all the free stuff Moneybags gives 'em at every opportunity he can (the free cucumber martinis famously were served to the press at Bloomberg's Presidential Inauguration Party back in 2004.)

Still, when the mayor loses (and let's face it, it doesn't happen very often), people who are paying close attention can see just what a whiny ass titty baby he is. As I noted yesterday, he cannot lose gracefully and he does not EVER believe that he is wrong. His idea of bipartisanship is for everybody to come on board with whatever it is he is doing or whatever it is he wants to do.

On issue after issue - from the NYC public school reorganizations (and Bloomberg's on his third in six years and he doesn't give a shit what kids, parents or teachers think!!!!) to gun control (he wants New York City gun control laws to extend all the way to Virginia and Georgia) to smoking (he banned all indoor smoking in public places...I now inhale a pack of cigarettes every time I pass a bar on 9th Avenue) to food (serving hydrogenated oil in foods in NYC is now illegal) to building free football stadiums for billionaires (he tried to ram that proposal through at a cost of $1 billion to the tax payers before Shelly Silver put a stop to it) to rezoning Manhattan (again, he doesn't give a shit about what anybody in the neighborhood thinks...although he is very concerned what his billionaire real estate cronies think) to his traffic congestion plan, you must believe what he believes and support what he wants 100%. And if you don't, he will try and buy you off or bully you into submission. If the first two fail, he will try to do an end run around you. He's ruthless and without conscience, so most of the time he gets his way. But when he doesn't, he usually has a tantrum, as he did yesterday.

So America, realize that when Bloomberg unleashes $1 billion in advertising to tell you what a competent, non-partisan president he would make, he is trying to deceive you. A vote for him will be a vote for an insulting, arrogant, dictatorial know-it-all who doesn't play well with others and has to have his own way on everything all the time.

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